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This tab in the lobby is how you start to play Forged Alliance with the client. As long as you have Supreme Commander Forged Alliance installed, no further setup is needed. Consult this for more info on setup. Remember, you need to start the game through this client for all the improvements to work.

Game Title

  • XvX - Showing for how many player per team is game hosted. (example 1v1, 4v4)
  • XXX - XXXX (XXXX+) - Global Rating Limitations (example 800-1500, 1200+)
  • If you write "private" in your game title, the map preview will be Lock as for games with passwords.

At a glance

If you have any trouble joining or connecting to someone :

Coop Campaign missions can be hosted at the Coop Missions Tab. Myxir fafwiki game1.PNG

Game types

There are 3 different types of games accessible through this tab. For Coop Campaign, visit the Coop Missions page.

1v1 Ladder

This is accessible via the top left corner - just choose a faction and you're away! FAF will look for an opponent and pick a map for you. Just remember, this is for quite experienced playes, and you may find it difficult if Forged Alliance is new to you. Also the system needs a few games to adjust to your skill level, so in the first few games you may be matched vs a tough opponent.

Custom Games

This is how most games are played - simply double click on a game which you like the look of and you will join it! However, bear in mind the game titles - some have rating requirements, and you may have trouble vs players who are much higher rated than you.

  • FAF (Beta) - This is a default mod with the newest patch available.
  • FAF - Default mod with older, stable patch.

Playing With AI

If you wish to play vs ai , simply host your own game, and add AI players instead of real ones. It's that simple! FAF comes with sorian AI, so you dont need to install it, and you can have any combination of human and AI players, as you wish.

Hosting Games

Host game
The Host Game dialogue that is used for hosting

You can host a game by double clicking the icons on the left of the window to open a game dialogue with a variety of options.

  • The title bar sets the game title which can be seen in the games tab.
  • The preview shows how it will look.
  • The map drop-down is used to select a map. You can also change this in-game if you wish. Arrow keys can be used to scroll through it if it's focused (opened and closed again, or use tab).
  • The mod list can be used to enable and disable sim mods. This can also be changed in-game if you wish.

  • The options Friends and Hidden are currently unavailable.
  • If the password checkbox is ticked, or private is used in the game title, the padlock icon will appear instead of the map preview.
    • It will also be hidden from the Find Games list if that particular user has the Hide Private Games checkbox ticked.