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This tournament havent started yet. More information will be added later.

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King and Prince of map is weekly tournament with 22 maps where one map is played every week. Once all maps were played, another round will start with possibility of changing map pool.


Divison Ladder Rating Requirement Ladder Global Requirement
King O1500 O1600
Prince U1500 U1600

Tournament format

  • Weekly tournament - going to take a place every Friday or Saturday
  • Doule Elimination
  • Standard ladder settings
  • Time Limit per round: (if time limit is passes, is used to decide winner so better make sure you win in time!)
    • 30min 5x5
    • 45min 10x10
    • 60min 20x20
  • Draw = rematch (2. draw = both players are out)
  • Disconnect
    • 5km - under 5 min rematch, after that both players have to agree
    • 10km - under 8 min rematch, after that both players have to agree
    • 20km - under 12 min rematch, after that both players have to agree
    • Second disconnect = who stays wins


Maps listed in order from week 1:

  • King of Open Palms.png Prince of Open Palms.png Open Palms
  • King of Loki.png Prince of Loki.png Loki
  • King of Crimson Feud.png Prince of Crimson Feud.png Crimson Feud
  • King of Syrtis Major.png Prince of Syrtis Major.png Syrtis Major
  • King of Badlands.png Prince of Badlands.png Badlands
  • King of Seraphim Glaciers.png Prince of Seraphim Glaciers.png Seraphim Glaciers
  • King of Theta Passage.png Prince of Theta Passage.png Theta Passage
  • King of Twin Rivers.png Prince of Twin Rivers.png Twin Rivers
  • King of Regor VI Highlands.png Prince of Regor VI Highlands.png Regor VI Highlands
  • King of Canis River.png Prince of Canis River.png Canis River
  • King of Roanoke Abyss.png Prince of Roanoke Abyss.png Roanoke Abyss
  • King of Eye of the Storm.png Prince of Eye of the Storm.png Eye of the Storm
  • King of Blasted Rocks.png Prince of Blasted Rocks.png Blasted Rocks
  • King of White Fire.png Prince of White Fire.png White Fire
  • King of Finns Revenge.png Prince of Finns Revenge.png Finns Revenge
  • King of Vya-3 Protectorate.png Prince of Vya-3 Protectorate.png Vya-3 Protectorate
  • King of Four-Leaf Clover.png Prince of Four-Leaf Clover.png Four-Leaf Clover
  • King of Wonder.png Prince of Wonder.png Wonder
  • King of Desert Arena.png Prince of Desert Arena.png Desert Arena
  • King of Crossfire Canal.png Prince of Crossfire Canal.png Crossfire Canal
  • King of Cobalt Valley.png Prince of Cobalt Valley.png Cobalt Valley
  • King of Niflheim Final.png Prince of Niflheim Funal.png Niflheim Final

Tournament Directors

  • speed2, Gorton, Sir-Prize, Mad-Mozart, Washy, theeggroll


Rewards for winning/attending a tourney
Winner Prize
King Division King of map avatar
Prince Division Prince of map avatar
Participating Tournament Participant.png Tournament Participant Avatar

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