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What is LABwars


  1. All faction's ACUs will only be able to build Land facs, Air facs, Pgens and mexes.
  2. All faction's Engineers can do the same but can also build Hydro's and Radars.
  3. Each faction's Land fac will be able to build Labs, scouts, AA and engineers.
  4. Each faction's Air fac will be able to build Inties and Transports.
  5. Added Transports with prebuild cargo
  6. Nerfed acu damage to 50 (100 for uef with gun upgrade)
  7. Nerfed aeon range upgrade
  8. Added mass storage
  9. Added in a torp bomber
  10. Nerfed acu nuke to 2k
  11. Next release will include Jetmarines, Shield labs, Stealthlabs and hoverlabs
  12. Tailored map available
  13. LabWars AI available

Source(s): ACUs Features support

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