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A quick note

This wikipedia page is updated by volunteers who change the table below after the ladder rotation changes, for actual information about the current ladder pool, as well as discussions and suggestions with regards to maps, please click the link provided to be taken to the forum thread, where this all takes place:

1 vs 1 Ladder Map Pool

The current map pool contains 7 maps. The maps represented in the map pool change from time to time in some random way. The pool is being managed by the player councillor Tokyto. If you would like to see a map added to the map pool you can make a post with your suggestion in the link above

The Current Rotation

The current rotation can be found here [1].

Previous Forum Ladder Map Rotation Threats

22 Jul 2015 - 03 Feb 2016 [2]

03 Feb 2016 - 29 Dec 2016 [3]

Map Pool History

Old ladder map pool rotations can be viewed here [4]

Other 1v1 Maps

This list contains maps that can be played in 1v1, and used to be part of the old ladder pool. (though some are very infamous e.g. winter duel)

1v1 Maps
5 Km Maps
Ambush Pass
Balvery Mountains V2
Blasted Rock
Canis River
Crag Dunes
Crimson Feud
Desert Arena
Desert Joust
Dusty Grounds v1
Esgaroth's Ruins
Fields of Thunder v2
Four Hills
Jungle Valley
Moonlight Mesas
Scmp Haz04
Sentry Point
Summer Duel
Theta Passage (Guide 1) (Guide 2) (Guide 3)
Theta Passage 5
Varga Pass
Williamson's Bridge
Winter Duel
10 Km Maps
8 - Badlands_v4 (Guide)
Arctic Refuge
Balvery Mountains V4b
Cobalt Valley V1
Comet Catcher
Daroza's Sanctuary
Desert Planet II (Guide)
Dry Canyon v3
Eye of the Storm
Fields of Isis
Finn's Revenge
Forbidden Passv4
Four-Leaf Clover
Frozen Isis
Haven Reef
High Noon
Last Oasis
Loki (Guide 1) (Guide 2)
Niflheim - Final
Open Palms
Open Waters (Guide)
Open Zeta
On Melancholy Hillv3
Red Rocks
Regor Vi Highlands
Saltrock Colony
Sathira Beach v2
Seraphim Outpost
Standing Stones
Syrtis Major (Guide)
TAG_Craftious Maximus
The Cold Place
The Dark Heart, FAF version
The Land Wilderness V3 (Guide)
Triple T V8
Twin Rivers
Volcano Duel
Vya-3 Protectorate
Waters of Isis r001
White Fire V2

20 Km Maps
Crossfire Canal
Emerald Crater
Ozone Islands v3 2v2
Point of Reach v3
Quantum Sea
Roanoke Abyss
Seraphim Glaciers
Seton's Clutch
The Bermuda Locket
The Ditch
Zorg Rampage