Leaderboards and Rating

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Leaderboards & Rating

The FAF-Lobby is using the TrueSkill (How Trueskill works) system in order to rate players, look here (The Ladder) for more information.

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1) Options Select "Ladder" to open the league system, "Global and Matchmaker" to see the trueskill ratings or "Ladder map stats" to view some statistics about the current ranked maps.

2) Search for Player You can search for certain players here, note that you have to enter the exact name and also that players will not be shown if the did not play for some time. If the players you search could not be found page one will open.

3) Highlighted player By default, you will your see your self marked blue in the ladder, if you search for a player the player you searched for will me marked blue.

Important things about rating

  • The global rating is not an highscore, it's a possibility to balance games. You are not good because you have a high rating, you will be high rated if you are good. Always keep this in mind when playing custom games, I see too much people "unranked" by setting the gamespeed to "adjustable", because they "dont want to lose points" or play "just for fun". Again rating is no freaking highscore but a possibility for everyone to have fun. The only thing you accomplish by playing unranked games are unbalanced games and frustration because you will be heavily underrated at some point.
  • The rating is trueskill, not ELO, and it's not a single value but a curve, look here (How Trueskill works) to learn more.
  • Modded games or games with non-default settings are not rated
  • Game that had desyncronisations are not rated
  • Special maps that have nothing to do with the actualy Suprem Commander gameplay, such as survival maps, 3v1 maps or i. e. "zone controll" are not rated, if you find a map that is rated, while it should not be, talk to a modrator.
  • Games that are disbanded before (60*Number of players) seconds are not rated, the game counts as disbanded as soon as all left, or one team or one player won.
  • Global rating IS NO ranking but a possibility to balance games