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Supreme Commander: A guide for normal people

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This page presents an overview of general faction diversity. It outlines the overall scheme of each faction, and highlights some of their more unique units. Those units which are extremely similar in all the factions are not included on this page. Detailed statistics about every unit in the game can be found in Unit Database.

Uef.png UEF

The "Turtle" faction, a name coined because this faction plays best with a slow, steady, grinding style. Good for beginners together with Seraphim thanks to very solid, largely uncomplicated units, a strong ACU at all stages of the game, and units which do exceptionally well with little to no micro.


  • UEF ACU.png ACU – Has the most HP of all the ACUs. Shield upgrade in the back slot with RAS upgrade on arm makes it possible to get Shield and RAS simultaneously. The same goes for Gun and T2, this time on both arms, can also be a very good forward units with the ACUs shield and gun upgrade, which can handle hold its own in a fight.
  • UEF SCU.png SACU – Extremely powerful in combat, with high DPS, area of effect damage, and dual shield upgrades for a bulky, powerful unit. Can also build the Ravager (See below)
Tech 1
  • Land:
    • UEF T1 Tank.png Tank - High HP but slow, the first hint of UEF's overall trait. Requires very little babysitting, awesome all-rounder
    • UEF T1 Mobile Arty.png Artillery – Slow fire rate but huge damage, quite accurate. Provides optical vision for a short time at impact site
  • Air:
    • UEF T1 Bomber.png Bomber - Arguably the worst of all the T1 Bombers because of inaccuracy, but highest overall damage output against large buildings, and great against densely packed armies
  • Naval:
    • UEF T1 Frigate.png Frigates - Radar Jamming to fool enemy into thinking you have a stronger force than you do
Tech 2
  • Buildings:
    • UEF T2 PD.png Point Defense – Good AOE, good rate of fire, and the fact that they are not blocked by terrain make these the game's best T2 PD
    • UEF T2 Static Shield.png Static Shield – Good radius and pricing, but lower on HP than Aeon or Seraphim. Upgradeable
    • UEF T2 TMD.png TMD – weakest from all factions
    • UEF T1 Engineering Station.png Engineering station – Drones that can fly anywhere and can’t be hit by ASFs. While inefficient per mass, their maneuverability and sheer build power make these incredibly strong late-game for using up your powerful economy. Upgradeable
  • Land:
    • UEF T2 Gatling Bot.png Mongoose Bots - Ranged bot with decent damage, good when paired with Mobile Shields, but highly dependant on good micro
    • UEF T2 Tank.png Pillar tanks - Incredibly solid all-around assault tank with extremely high HP/Mass ratio, this should form the backbone of your T2 Land forces
    • UEF T2 Hover Tank.png Riptide - Heavier and more expensive than other faction's, great vs T1. Hover.
    • UEF T2 Mobile Shield.png Mobile shields - Inefficient, but the large radius makes protecting your army easier than the Aeon's
    • UEF T2 Field Engineer.png Mobile Engineers - Sparky – Extremely fast, very high HP, high build power, Radar Jamming and a built-in gun which can fire while reclaiming or building are balanced by the fact it can only build combat-related structures
  • Air:
    • UEF T2 Gunship.png Gunships - Can transport a single T1 or T2 unit. LABs can fire from the clamp, increasing unit DPS
  • Naval:
    • UEF T2 Destroyer.png Destroyer – Small range and pathetic Torpedos make this the weakest Destroyer in naval wars, but it has good damage and is solid overall
    • UEF T2 Cruiser.png Cruiser – Cruise missiles which can overwhelm TMD systems, SAMs for AA
    • UEF T2 Shield Boat.png Shield Boat – The backbone of the UEF Navy and one of the two reasons it has the strongest Navy overall
    • UEF T2 Torpedo Boat.png Torpedo Boat – Good damage and epic torpedo defences, but low HP and vulnerable to direct fire, so you need to protect these
Tech 3
  • Buildings:
    • UEF T3 PD.png Point Defense also known as a (Ravager) – The only T3 Point Defence, it has huge range, massive damage, and a lot of HP. A couple of these will make any Land assault extremely costly to the enemy, and more than a couple can take down even Experimentals before they get into range. Can be used offensively too thanks to their range. This unit is the primary reason UEF win just about any static base-war stand-off situation
    • UEF T3 Static Shield.png Static Shield – Good radius and pricing, but lower on HP than Aeon or Seraphim
    • UEF T2 Engineering Station L2.png Engineering station – Drones that can fly anywhere and can’t be hit by ASFs. While inefficient per mass, their maneuverability and sheer build power make these incredibly strong late-game for using up your powerful economy.
    • UEF T3 Sonar.png Sonar - Weak Torpedo launcher included
  • Land:
    • UEF T3 Heavy Assault Bot.png Titan Bot – Extremely fast, fantastic at mopping up lost T1 land forces and general raiding, but stay away from defences or heavy units. Shield makes this unit perfect for hit-and-run style raiding
    • UEF T3 Armored Assault Bot.png Percivals – This is the primary assault weapon of the UEF army. It's slow, heavily armoured, and the high burst damage firing cycle make it by far the strongest land unit in the game for its mass. Is UEF's main unit for stopping enemy Land Experimentals. Can cross through water.
    • UEF T3 MML.png Mobile Missile Launchers – Extremely rapid firing cycle and preposterously high DPS overwhelms TMD systems and then obliterates anything behind them. This unit is very powerful
  • Air:
    • UEF T3 Gunship.png Gunships – High damage and lots of HP, but virtually no AA
    • UEF T3 Transport.png Transports – The only T3 Transport, this unit is fast, has very powerful anti-air, is shielded, and can carry 6 T3 units or an entire army of lower tech.
  • Naval:
    • UEF T3 Battlecruiser.png Battlecruiser – The undisputed master of the ocean surface, combined with the T2 Shield Boat and Torpedo Boat this creates the strongest navy in the game
    • UEF T3 Battleship.png Battleship - The best Battleship in the game, this unit has the highest range, great damage and good HP, but beware. There are no Torpedoes, no Torpedo defences, the AA is pitiful and the firing cycle of one shot every 20 seconds makes it extremely vulnerable to T2 Hover Tanks and T1 Frigates
    • UEF has no T3 Aircraft Carrier
Tech 4 – Experimental
  • UEF T4 Mobile Factory.png Fatboy – It's slow, has a large hit area, and has virtually no HP at all, but it has a bubble shield to protect your army, can build an army by itself, and can refuel and repair your aircraft. This is not a direct fire unit, it's long range artillery and should live behind the bulk of your army, raining huge damage from a long way away. Extremely vulnerable to attack from the air
  • UEF T4 Aircraft Carrier.png Atlantis – Submersible Aircraft Carrier capable of building its own planes. Can be used for a sneaky air attack, but it's also cheap, has good HP, huge vision radius, and long-range, high-damage Torpedoes. One of the best tools for countering Seraphim's T3 Sub Hunters
  • UEF T4 Satellite Center.png Defense Satellite – This unique unit is a building which spawns a Satellite. It can fly anywhere on the map and fire a laser down in bursts. The Satellite is 100% invulnerable to ALL forms of damage. The only way to kill it is to kill the base station.
  • UEF T4 Static Arty.png Mavor – Experimental Strategic Assassination Artillery. This unit has practically unlimited range, outstanding damage, and is extremely accurate even firing all the way across a map. The most expensive unit in the game.

Seraphim.png Seraphim

Good faction for beginners together with UEF, overall strong ACU and units that don’t require too much micro. Strong PDs and best shields from all factions.


  • Sera ACU.png ACU - Good amount of HP, 2 Gun upgrades (second one is expensive), Double Nano Repair or Double RAS upgrade, Restoration Field
  • Sera SCU.png SACU - Decent combat unit, Overcharge upgrade, Shield, Nano Reapir
    • Teleport upgrade, doesn't have RAS upgrade. Rapid Fabricator Upgrade.
Tech 1
  • Land:
    • Sera T1 Scout.png Combat Scout - Stealth and Cloak when standing still, (can block building from being build)
    • Sera T1 Tank.png Tank - Decent tank with the second best HP stats at 280 hp, But the damage from the units is the best t1 tank,
    • Sera T1 Arty.png Floating Artillery
    • Seraphim has no Light Assault Bot.
  • Air:
    • Sera T1 Bomber.png Bomber - Best from all Factions
    • Sera T1 Transport.png Transport - Best from all Factions. Can carry up to 8 T1 or 4 T2 units.
  • Naval:
    • Sera T1 Sub.png Sumbarines - Torpedo Defense
Tech 2
  • Buildings:
    • Sera T2 PD.png Point Defense - shoots beam so they always hit. Can be blocked by terrain.
    • Sera T2 Torpedo Launcher.png Torpedo Launcher - Torpedo Defense
    • Sera T2 Static Shield.png Static Shield - Best from all factions. Largest and strongest.
    • Sera T2 TMD.png TMD - decent
  • Land:
    • Sera T2 Assault Bot.png Assault Bot - Strong unit with higher range than tanks, one of the best T2 units.
    • Sera T2 Hover Tank.png Hover Tank - Very fast unit with decent damage, can support navy.
    • Sera T2 AA.png Floating AA Flak - can move over water
  • Air:
    • Sera T2 Fighter Bomber.png Fighter/Bomber - Not the best AA but good bomber
    • Sera T2 Torpedo Bomber.png Torpedo Bomber - Can be countered by torpedo defense, doesnt work in shallow water.
    • Sera T2 Transport.png Transport - Best from all Factions
  • Naval:
    • Sera T2 Destroyer.png Destroyer - Can be submerged. Short range but shoots beam that never misses.
    • Sera T2 Cruiser.png Cruiser - Flak AA, Cruise Missiles
Tech 3
  • Buildings:
    • Sera T3 Static Shield.png Static Shield - Best from all factions. Largest and strongest.
    • Seraphim has no Engineering Stations
    • Seraphim has no T3 sonar.
  • Land:
    • Sera T3 Tank.png Tanks - Slow moving, small range, have to be combined wiht shields. Weakest from all factions. Amphibious, can cross water.
    • Sera T3 Mobile Shield.png Mobile Shield - only faction with T3 mobile shield.Hover, can go on water.
    • Sera T3 Arty.png Artillery - Good splash and damage.
    • Sera T3 Sniper Bot.png Sniper Bots - 2 Firing modes (Faster fire rate, shorter range, smaller damage OR Slow fire rate, longer range, higher damage). Inaccurate while moving.
  • Air:
    • Sera T3 Strat.png Strategic Bombers - Decent damage and area damage radius.
    • Seraphim has no T3 gunship
  • Naval:
    • Sera T3 Sub Hunter.png Submarine Hunter - Only faction with T3 Submarine. Great torpedo damage, decent speed.
    • Sera T3 Battleship.png Battleship - Good range, faster fire rate, Can build Nukes.
    • Sera T3 Aircraft Carrier.png Aircraft Carrier - Can carry, build and repair aircrafts.
Tech 4 – Experimental
  • Sera T4 Assault Bot.png Ythotha Assault Bot - Great against group of units, has splash damage. When destroyed releases a highly destructive orb of lightning energy that attack any unit or structure nearby for 30 seconds.
  • Sera T4 Bomber.png Ahwassa Bomber - Strong bomber capable of killing T3 armies with single bomb.
  • Sera T4 Nuke.png Nuke Launcher - Very expensive, Game ender. Once finished, can build nukes very cheap and fast. Takes 2 anti nuke missiles to be defended. Much more damage and bigger blast radius than T3 nuke.

Cybran.png Cybran

"Hit and run" Faction that is harder to master. Require more micro than UEF and Seraphim. Weakest ACU. Fast units that are good to combine mobile stealth. Worst static shields and no mobile shields. Best Cruise Missiles, they split into 3 smaller when hit by TMD.


  • Cybran ACU.png ACU - Least HP from all factions. Gun and Tech upgrade on same arm, so you can't have both. Laser or Torpedo upgrade. Stealth and expensive Cloak upgrade. This ACU is best for Telesnipe.
  • Cybran SCU.png SACU - Decent combat unit. Gun upgrade can stun units. Best Nano repair upgrade. Can have AA Sam upgrade or Cloak upgrade.
    • RAS upgrade and Rapid Fabricator.
Tech 1
  • Land:
    • Cybran T1 Scout.png Scout - Cloacked
    • Cybran T1 LAB.png Light Assault Bot - can shoot from transports.
    • Cybran T1 Assault Bot.png Assault Bot - Faster than T1 tanks.
    • Cybran T1 Arty.png Artillery - Worst accuracy, stuns T1 and T2 units.
    • Cybran T1 Mobile AA.png Mobile AA - 2 Fire modes: Shoots Air or Land units.
  • Air:
    • Cybran T1 Bomber.png Bomber - Decent
    • Cybran T1 Gunship.png Gunship - Only faction with T1 gunship.
  • Naval:
    • Cybran T1 Frigate.png Frigate - Good AA
Tech 2
  • Buildings:
    • Cybran T2 PD.png Point Defense - Cheapest but Weakest from all factions. Can be blocked by terrain.
    • Cybran T2 TML.png Tactical Missile Launcher - Best from all factions. Missiles split into 3 smaller when hit by TMD.
    • Cybran T2 TMD.png TMD - Best from all factions.
    • Cybran T2 Static Shield.png Static Shield - Weakest from all factions, but also cheapest. Can be upgraded 4 times.
    • Cybran T2 Engineering Station.png Engineering Station - Assist everything in its range, can be upgraded 2 times.
  • Land:
    • Cybran T2 Rocket Bot.png Rocket Bot - Big range with lower damage. Great if combined with Mobile stealth field.
    • Cybran T2 Tank.png Tank Rhino - Strong tank good if mixed with T1 Artillery.
    • Cybran T2 Hover Tank.png Tank Wagner - Very fast Amphibious tank that can cross water.
    • Cybran T2 MML.png Mobile Missile Launcher - Best from all factions. Rapid firing with low damage but missiles splits into 3 when hit by TMD.
    • Cybran T2 Mobile Bomb.png Mobile Bomb - Very low HP but high damage, good for sniping ACUs and experimentals especially if dropped from transports.
    • Cybran T2 Mobile Stealth.png Mobile Stealth Field - Cybran is the only faction with mobile stealth field. Great Support for T2 and T3 units hiding them from enemy radars.
  • Air:
    • Cybran T2 Fighter Bomber.png Figher/Bomber - Great bomber with splash damage. Weak AA.
    • Cybran T2 Gunship.png Gunship - Big splash damage, great against group of T1 units.
    • Cybran T2 Torpedo Bomber.png Torpedo Bomber - Best from all factions. Drops torpedos directly on ships, can't be countered by torpedo defense.
    • Cybran T2 Transport.png Transport - Worse from all factions. Can carry up to 4T2 + 2T1 or 2T3 + 2T1 units.
  • Naval:
    • Cybran T2 Sub Hunter.png Submarine Hunter - Personal Stealth. Good torpedo damage and decent torpedo defence.
    • Cybran T2 Destroyer.png Destroyer - One of the best. Big range, fast fire rate. Great if combined with stealth. Best torpedo defense. Can walk on land.
    • Cybran T2 Cruiser.png Cruiser - Worst AA since shootes missiles that have to accelerate firs but AA gun can be switched to shoot on naval or land. Direct fire weapon with decent damage. Can repair aircrafts.
    • Cybran T2 Stealth Boat.png Stealth Boat - One of the advantages of Cybran navy.
Tech 3
  • Buildings:
    • Cybran T3 HARMS.png Torpedo Launcher - Only T3 Torpedo Launcher in game. Very strong, its under water.
    • Cybran has no T3 shields but T2 shield can be upgraded 4 times.
    • Cybran T3 Perimiter Monitoring System.png Monitoring System - Provides vision over hige area.
    • Cybran T3 Sonar.png Sonar - Stealth field.
  • Land:
    • Cybran T3 Siege Assault Bot.png Siege Assault Bot - Fast bot with small range. Use for early rading. Can deflect cruise missiles.
    • Cybran T3 Armored Assault Bot.png Armored Assault Bot - Strong slowly moving with big range and rapid fire rate. Better if combined with Stealth.
    • Cybran T3 Mobile Arty.png Artillery - Biggest splash from all mobile artileries but low damage.
  • Air:
    • Cybran T3 ASF.png ASF - Personal Stealth.
    • Cybran T3 Strat.png Strategic Bomber - Biggest splash from all T3 bombers but low damage. Personal Stealth.
    • Cybran T3 Gunship.png Gunship - Jamming
  • Naval:
    • Cybran T3 Battleship.png Battleship - Good range, high fire rate. As only battleship has torpedos.
    • Cybran T3 Aircraft Carrier.png Aircraft Carrier - Can carry, build and repair aircrafts.
    • Cybran T3 Nuke Sub.png Strategic Submarine - Can build nukes. Has Personal Stealth, torpedos and cruise missiles.
Tech 4 – Experimental
  • Cybran T4 Monkey Bot.png Monkey Lord - Cheapest land experimental. Low HP but high speed. Has stealth field. Short range, high damage laser. Good for early T4 stage.
  • Cybran T4 Mega Bot.png Megalith - Heavy direct fire experimental with a lot of HP. Can't shoot backwards. Can produce some T2 and T3 units.
  • Cybran T4 Gunship.png Soul Ripper - Strong experimental gunship. Good splash damage against groups of units.
  • Cybran T4 Mobile Arty.png Scathis - Rapid firing artilerry with a shorter range and far less accuracy than T3 artillery but with huge dps. Cybran game ender. Can move, and is amphibious.

Aeon.png Aeon

Hardest faction to play. Require lot of micro. Good choice for playing on air spot due to versatility.


  • A ACU.PNG ACU - Decent HP, has two gun upgades and better range that other faction's gun upgrade, Double Shield upgrade. Chrono upgrade that stuns units. Double RAS.
  • A SACU.PNG SACU - Bad in combat since only one gun upgrade available. Double Shield Upgrade or Nano Reapir.
    • RAS upgrade, Teleport, Sacrifacion system.
Tech 1
  • Land:
    • A T1 L Scout.PNG Scout - Hover, can go on water.
    • A LAB.PNG Light Assault Bot - can shoot from transports.
    • A T1 Tank.PNG Aurora Tank - bigger range than other tanks, but low HP and slower speed. Hover, can go on water.
    • A T1 L Arty.PNG Artillety - most accurate from T1 artilleries
  • Air:
    • A T1 Bomber.PNG Bomber - Slightly worse than Seraphim, stuns units.
  • Naval:
    • A Frigate.PNG Frigate - has torpedo defense, no AA
    • A T1 AA Boat.PNG AA boat - very fast boat with good AA
Tech 2
  • Buildings:
    • A T2 PD.PNG Point Defense – Strong PD that is not blocked by terrain,slow fire rate, splash damage
    • A T2 Shield.PNG Static Shield - Strong Shield but small radius. Can't be upgraded to T3.
    • A TMD.PNG TMD - Deflect Missiles, can counter infinite number of missiles at once, weak against rapid fire missiles
    • Aeon had no Engineering Station
  • Land:
    • A T2 Obsidian.PNG Obsidian Tank - Strong shielded tank with slow fire rate but high damage.
    • A T2 Blaze.PNG Blaze Tank - Fast hover tank, can go on water.
    • A T2 M AA.PNG Mobile Flak AA - Hover, can go on water.
    • A T2 MML.PNG Mobile Missile Launcher - Worst from all factions. Slow fire rate.
    • A T2 L Shield.PNG Mobile Shield - Hover, can go on water.
  • Air:
    • A Swiftwind.PNG Swiftwind Combat Figher - Best from all factions. Does not have bombs.
    • A T2 Gunship.PNG Gunship - High accurancy
    • A Mercy.PNG Mercy - Suicidle aircraft with low HP that deals lot of damage. Used for sniping ACU and units.
    • A T2 Torpedo Bomber.PNG Torpedo Bomber - Drops Depth Charge. Can't be used in shallow water.
    • A T2 Transport.PNG Transport - Slightly better than Cybran, can carry up to 2T3 + 4T1 or 1T3+4T2 units.
  • Naval:
    • A T2 Sub.PNG Submarine Hunter - Good torpedos and torpedo defense.
    • A Destroyer.PNG Destroyer - Big range, slow fire rate, high damage. Torpedos, torpedo defense and depth charges.
    • A Cruiser.PNG Cruiser - Good AA, can shoot on naval and land targets.
Tech 3
  • Buildings:
    • A T3 Shield.PNG Static Shield - Strong shield but with slightly smaller radius.
    • A T3 Rapid Arty.PNG Rapid Fire Artillery - Very expensive, breaks thought any shielding. Aeon game ender.
    • A Eye.PNG Quantum Optics Facility - Provides small vision radius anywhere on map.
    • A T3 Sonar.PNG Sonar - has torpedo defense
  • Land:
    • A T3 Harbinger.PNG Harbinger Bot - Fast shielded bot with good damage but slammer range. Can Reclaim and Repair.
    • A T3 M Arty.PNG Mobile Artillery - High accuracy. Deals damage over time. Can shoot while moving as only mobile artillery.
    • A T3 Absolver.PNG Shield Disruptor - Big range, great weapon against shields. Hover, can go on water.
    • A T3 Sniper.PNG Sniper Bot - Big range, good damage, slow fire rate, low HP. Inaccurate while moving.
  • Air:
    • A Strat.PNG Strategic Bomber - Deals most damage from all T3 bombers, low splash.
    • A T3 Gunship.PNG AA Gunship - Good AA and decent anti ground damage.
    • A T3 Torpedo Bomber.PNG Torpedo Bomber - Only Aeon has T3 torpedo bomber. Drops multiple torpedos that deals lot of damage.
  • Naval:
    • A Battleship.PNG Battleship - Small range but good damage.
    • A Aircraft Carrier.PNG Aircraft Carrier - Can carry, build and repair aircrafts.
    • A T3 Sub.PNG Strategic Submarine - Can build nukes. Has cruise missiles.
    • A T3 Missile Ship.PNG Missile Ship - Long ranged rapid firing cruise missiles. Almost impossible to be stopped by TMD.
Tech 4 – Experimental
  • A GC.PNG Galactic Colossus - Strong Experimental Bot with lot of HP. Long range laser. 2 Tractor Claws. Has Omni and decent vision radius.
  • A CZAR.PNG CZAR - Experimental Aircraft Carrier. Anti ground bean that deals lot of damage. Decent AA. Can carry, build and repair aircrafts.
  • A Tempest.PNG Tempest - Experimental Battleship. Long range, slow fire rate with huge damage and splash. Has good long ranged torpedos, torpedo defence. Can build T1 and T2 ships. Can be submerged.
  • A Paragon.PNG Paragon - Experimental Resource Generator. Very expensive. Produces up to 1m energy and 10k mass

Video Tutorials.png Tutorial Videos


Playlist of tutorials created by Coloner Sheppard - link here. As you can notice some of the videos are not mentioned below, that is because they are outdated also here you can find some new once that aren't in that playlist. What you can find there:

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Replay Analysis

It's always the same, you lost a game and you are asking yourself: Why? Why have I lost? You are looking the replay again and again, but there is no answer ...

FAF offers two options:

Zock Lessons

One of the top Supreme Commander players offering lessons. More information here.