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This page is inteded to help you learn how to play Forged Alliance. The game has many different aspects and game types so information on the game has been split into various sections for your convenience.

Basic Tutorial

The Strategy of Supreme Commander

Supreme Commander: A guide for normal people

To Scale Olympus

An Unofficial Forged Alliance Guide

Eco Video Tutorial

For an overview of the factions in Supreme Commander visit: Faction Information

Video Tutorials.png Tutorial Videos


Playlist of tutorials created by Colonel Sheppard - link here. As you can notice some of the videos are not mentioned below, that is because they are outdated also here you can find some new ones that aren't in that playlist. What you can find there:

Game Mechanics

Unit Presentation

Advanced Tutorials


Build Orders

Specific Units

Replay Analysis

It's always the same, you lost a game and you are asking yourself: Why? Why have I lost? You are looking at the replay again and again, but there is no answer ...

FAF offers two options:

Zock Lessons

One of the top Supreme Commander players offering lessons. More information here.