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This page is intended to help you learn how to play Forged Alliance. The game has many different aspects and game types so information on the game has been split into various sections for your convenience. For information on the client and not the game, please visit the Main Page

The FAF Guide

This wiki contains one complete guide to playing Forged Alliance, with the FAF client. The guide in this wiki is split into different sections, which are constantly being worked on and should provide a comprehensive coverage of the game and its various aspects.

Intoduction and Basic Game Mechanics

This is intended for players new to Supreme Commander, but if you are a returning player this could be useful as it provides a sound knowledge base and encourages good habits.

Beginner's Guide to Forged Alliance

Microing units effetively can be a difficult task, but with the right knowledge it can give you a huge advantage.

Unit Micro

In depth 1v1 Guide

This section covers everything you need to know about playing ladder matches and 1v1 games. This part is split into 5 guides: a general guide for 1v1, and 4 faction specific guides, designed to be read ofter the general guide.

In order to minimse overlap between the faction specific guides, the common information has been gathered into this general purpose guide.

These guides are here to show you specific strategies, and help you play to their strengths:

Teamgame and map specific information

Reference materials and detailed game mechanics

This section is for specific information on units, game mechanics and other facts and numbers which are usefull to know when playing Forged Alliance.

Video Tutorials.png Tutorial Videos


Playlist of tutorials created by Colonel Sheppard - link here. As you can notice some of the videos are not mentioned below, that is because they are outdated also here you can find some new ones that aren't in that playlist. What you can find there:

Game Mechanics

Unit Presentation

Advanced Tutorials


Build Orders

Specific Units


Replay.png Replay Analysis

It's always the same, you lost a game and you are asking yourself: Why? Why have I lost? You are looking at the replay again and again, but there is no answer ...

FAF offers two options:

Other Help

While this wiki aims to offer a complete and detailed overview of playing Supreme Commander, updated to the lates information and FAF patches, these other resources may be usefull in offering a different persective on the game, helping you gain a deeper understanding of it.

Pizza Avatar.png Zock Lessons

One of the top Supreme Commander players offering lessons. (For a fixed hourly rate) More information here.

Replay.png Replays

  • Here is a download to some educational replays which cover various topics, ranging from game basics to information on specific units, and micro.
  • This replay contains templates which you can copy out of there while watching it and selecting the buildings > add to template.

External Guides

There are a number of guides not on this wiki, here are a few of them. They mainly provide introductive information, and some could be outdated, but they can be usefull nonetheless.

  • The SupCom Wiki is a comprehensive resource about Supreme Commander, however it is out of date and does not contain accurate values. [1]
A well layed out guide, this gives a nice introduction into unit and economy efficiency.
This provides a good overview of some of the core concepts of playing Supreme Commander, but a couple of things are not entirely accurate.