LiveReplay server and replays

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Live Replay

All your games are sent to a liveReplay server, so other people can observe your game without taking your bandwidth.

How can I watch a live replay ?

When a game starts, a link is automatically posted by the host of the game into the main chat. All you have to do is click on it to launch the liveReplay.

The liveReplay of a game will be active as long as someone is watching it : Even after a game is done, there is still a chance that you can watch it !

Why am I sent to the FA main menu ?

You don't have the map. So you can't view the game. Download the map (the name is given before the link) from the vault, and click the liveReplay link again.

Is it easy to cheat with that !

Yes and no : There is a 300 seconds (5 minutes) delay between the real game and the game you are watching.

The host left, the replay is ended, but not the game / How can I see a livereplay if I miss the link ?

Only the host is sending the link, but everybody in the game is sending the replay to the livereplay server.

Just double click in any Sword icon of any player still in game.

The (live)replay is desync !

That doesn't mean that the game is.

This could mean that you don't have mods that are being used in the game.

It could also a bug that occurs in the FA engine : when someone leaves the game, it can often desync the replay.

This is a bug in the engine and as result unable to be fixed.


Last Game doesn't work ! I can't save my replay ! WHERE ARE THEY !?

Your replays are now stored in your FAF Forged Alliance directory - usually C:\Program Data\Faforever\replays\

You are now able to open your replays directly from the FAF client in the replays tab.

I can't open my replay !

FAF installs a seperate directory to C:\Program Data\Faforever\bin (or whatever your primary partition is) & install the client to the root of your primary partition (unless you specified elsewhere). Associate the replay file with the FAF client (not the game executable but the client executable). This will allow you to open any FAF Replay files directly from the directory.