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* [[UILag]]
* [[UILag]]
* [[Storing FAF patches on a different Drive than C]]
* [[Storing FAF patches on a different Drive than C]]
* [[Download issues (IPv6)]]
== Applications ==
== Applications ==

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Welcome to the Forged Alliance Forever Wiki.

SupcomFA logo
Supreme Commander Forged Alliance Logo

Overview & Basic Information

FAF Logo2.png FAF Client

User Icon.png User Groups

Functions icon 2.png Functions

Beginner Information.png Beginner Information

1ula41330944573.png Rating System and Ladder

Map Making

Contributing To FAF

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Troubleshooting and utilities


There are also a handful of applications that can help with your FA experience.

Tournaments And Community Activities

Tournaments Icon.pngTournaments

Regular Tournaments

Special Tournaments

Infinite Tournaments

Shoutcaster Avatar.png Supreme Commander Casts

Patch Change Logs