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== Tournaments And Community Activities==
=== [[File:Tournaments_Icon.png]][[Tournaments]] ===
==== Regular Tournaments ====
* [[File:Tournament Champion.png]] [[Tournaments#Classic 1v1|Classic 1v1]]
* [[File:2v2 Tournament Champion.png]] [[Tournaments#Classic 2v2|Classic 2v2]]
* [[File:Tournament Champion.png]] [[Tournaments#Average Joe´s Tourney|Average Joe´s]]
* [[File:Blitz Champion Avatar.png]] [[Tournaments#Blitz|Blitz]]
* [[File:King of Aeon.png]] [[Tournaments#King of Faction|King of Faction]]
* [[File:Personal Trainer Avatar.png]] [[Tournaments#Trainings Tournament|Trainings Tournament]]
* [[File:Galaxy Tour Champion.png]] [[Tournaments#Galaxy Tour|Galaxy Tour]]
* [[File:RKs_Explosions_Icon.jpg|20px]] [[Tournaments#RK's Explosions Tournament|RK's Explosions Tournament]]
==== Special Tournaments ====
* [[File:Grand Master Cup Champion.png]] [[The Grand Masters Cup]]
* [[File:IMBA Cup Champion.png]] [[The IMBA Cup]]
* [[File:ACU Sniper.png]] [[Rise of the Immortals Trophy]]
* [[File:Clan War Champion.png]] [[Intergalactic Colosseum]]
* [[File:Universal Ressurection Cup Champion.png]] [[The Universal Resurrection Cup]]
==== Infinite Tournaments ====
* [[File:O1900_WWPC.png]] [[World Wide People's Championship]]
* [[File:O1800_2v2_WWPC.png]] [[2v2 World Wide People's Championship]]
* [[File:King of Setons Clutch.png]] [[King and Prince of map]]
=== [[File:Shoutcaster Avatar.png]] [http://forums.faforever.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12171 Supreme Commander Casts] ===
== Game & Balance Patchnotes ==
== Game & Balance Patchnotes ==

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