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In the map vault, you will find every map available for Forged Alliance. All maps downloaded via map vault are saved in this folder:

C:\Users\%UserName%\Documents\My Games\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\Maps


1. Search tab

You can search for map names here, you dont have to enter the full name. You can also use filters.

2. Uploading Maps

For Information Uploading Maps please check out the Rule's Here

3. Map Sections

Here the Map Vault is split into different sections to help you out looking for maps.

  • M&M Team Top Picks - It is a list of Curated Maps that the Content Creator have put time and effort into their work.
  • Most Liked - This goes by the reviews left on the map download page. Depending on what the reviews are will decide where it places in the list.
  • Most Recent - Theses are new maps that have been recently added to the map vault by people.
  • Most Played - This Quite self-explanatory, it the maps that have had the most game played on.
  • Ladder Maps - This is the list of maps that are in the Current 1v1 Ladder Pool.

4. Map Summary

Here you can see Some basic Information about the map

  • Name of the Map
  • Preview Image of the map
  • Map Creator
  • How many people it supports
  • Map Size
  • How many Downloads
  • Map Review Ranking

5. Downloading Maps

To Download left click on the map.

Here you will get a new Window open.


In the top right-hand corner of this window you have the option to Install the Map. Once you click that you can then click on the Create Game Button and it will set you up a game with that map selected