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Tactical Missiles

Tactical Missiles are range weapons, used against immovable or not moving targets. Compared to minor missiles they have to be produced, but have a significant higher damage and range. All tactical missiles from all factions have similar specifications. A Cybran tactical missile can be shot down by one TMD projectile instead of two, but the missile will split into three smaller missiles as a result. Tactical Missiles can be built by: Tactical Missile Launchers (TML), Armored Command Unit (Upgrade), Support Command Unit (Upgrade). Aeon and Cybran Commanders can not upgrade a TML. The Seraphim SCU is the only one which can upgrade the TML.

Production Costs
Projectile Mass Energy Build time Comments
to_be_added.png Tech 2 Tactical Missile 180 Mass Icon.png 3600 Energy Icon.png move to comments

Strategic Missiles

Strategic missiles are long range weapons with a huge area damage effect. They ignore shields and can only be countered by a strategic defense missile. Units which can produce strategic missiles are: Tech 3 Strategic Missile Launcher, Tech 3 Strategic Missile Submarine, Seraphim Tech 3 Battleship, and the Seraphim Experimental Missile launcher. The UEF Nuclear Warhead occupies a special position within the missiles. Although it is classified as a advanced tactical missile, and can be countered by a tactical missile defense, it will be listed here for comparison because of its similarities to strategic missiles

Production Costs
Producing unit Mass Energy Build time Comments
UEF T3 Nuke.png Tech 3 Strategic Missile Launcher 12000 Mass Icon.png 1350000 Energy Icon.png 5:00
UEF T3 Nuke Sub.png Tech 3 Strategic Missile Submarine 12000 Mass Icon.png 1350000 Energy Icon.png 5:00
Sera T3 Battleship.png Seraphim Tech 3 Battleship 16800 Mass Icon.png 1764000 Energy Icon.png 7:00
Sera T4 Nuke.png Seraphim Experimental Missile Launcher 600 Mass Icon.png 6000 Energy Icon.png 1:00
UEF ACU.png UEF ACU (Advanced Tactical Missile Launcher) 3000 Mass Icon.png 316260 Energy Icon.png 0:30 Build time with T3 Upgrade