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Supcom uses particle systems for its special effects - each particle is defined by an emitter - it contains info on everything needed to create a stream of particles and their properties.

  • to better understand this it can be helpful to open the debug emitter creation tool in supcom - the default key binding should be crtl+alt+e and cheats are required to be on. It shows the parameters as interactive graphs which is much easier to visualize
    • left clickin on a curve moves the nearest point to your mouse position
    • right clicking on a curve adds a point
    • shift clicking or something changes the points z value, or "thickness"

The emitter consists of an emitter blueprint with multiple base values, and curves. Curves are the way its values change over time, and be affected with scripts too.

  • curves have an x, y, z value
  • the x value changes over the lifetime of the particle
  • the y value is changed according to the x-reference, and different y values at different times can be set in the blueprint or via script.
  • the z value is the range of the y values to randomly pick/merge depending on the curve in question

The emitter creates a particle with the specified texture, in greyscale, and colours it with a ramp. The ramp is a dds file that defines its colour and opacity. The game scans through its pixels and uses the colour and opacity of a pixel its referencing to recolour the texture.

  • The x value in the ramp changes over the lifetime of the particle
  • The y value in the ramp changes with the Ramp Selection Curve value of the particle, from top to bottom - a y value of 0 is the top pixel and a y value of 1 is the bottom pixel.
    • The pixels are blended so the colours can change smoothly, rather than just reading the nearest pixel value
    • because of how it works, the edge (top and bottom) strips need to be at least 2px high to get the pure colour and not a blend
    • with a properly set up ramp texture its possible to change to any colour on the fly, allowing for features like emitters coloured by the army colour of a player.