Murder Party

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What is Murder Party

Murder Party is a form of Free For All but "fairer".

It starts like a FFA, but each player gets a unique target to kill.

If you kill your target you get a bonus (either 10, 20 or 30%, depending on what is voted at the beginning of the match) and one point.

If you kill your killer, you get half the bonus but no point.

If you kill anyone else you get a malus for resources and you lose one point.

Once you kill your target, a new target is assigned to all players.

The game ends when there is only one player left after a 1v1 fight. The winner is the one with highest score. You get extra points for being the final ACU standing.

You can, of course, make alliances.

Where do I get it?

Murder Party comes bundled with the Forged Alliance Forever client.

Source(s): Game solutions