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The NewsHub is the new and improved One Stop shot for all FAF news, It is mostly Updated every Monday by the FAF Promotion Team. The NewsHub can be accessed Via the Client and via the browser here


1) Topbar Here is where Some Important Information that needed to be Displayed, This can be from Server Updates

2) Normal Article The Normal article the Base News articles will be under E.G New Video Out, Ladder League updates.

3) Hero Article The Hero article is uses when something big has happened in the community or Tournament Winners E.G. Balance & Game Patch’s, Big Tournament Announcements and Much more.

4) Right Side Panel The Right side Panel is a section were information is more likely to stay when the news is updated.

5,6,7) This is the Sidebars that can be used for Big Promotion of Upcoming Tournaments E.G In the image above it is promote the 2020 Summer Invitational.

Information Here are the Specifications for all the sizes for all the section if you would need a post on the NewsHub...

All Images need to be 96 DPI

1) Topbar may have any background colour. 2) Normal article image - 145x97 3) Hero article image - 351x266 4) Right hand side article image - 189 wide, any height 5) Left Sidebar - 250x800 6) Mid Sidebar - 300x600 7) Right Sidebar - 250x800

For the left and Right sidebar the graphic should fade at the bottom to a solid background colour. I run this same background colour to the edge of the screen. They can actually have any height, but the height I provided is a good arbitrary height.

article heading font:

badge font

Please Visit the Promotions Discord For any more questions here