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What is the Phantom Mod?

The Phantom mod for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance is a "Phantom" game mod, with a few extras. Phantom was based on the Phantom mod by NowakPL, so most of what Nowak has done you will see in Phantom.

The Phantom mod can be downloaded from the Vault.

At 7 minutes, everyone gets to vote on how many Phantoms will be in the game. At 8 minutes, a random selection of players will be designated "Phantoms". The objective is to eliminate all phantom players, or, if you are a phantom, eliminate ALL players. Phantoms get slightly increased resources. If they break alliance with all innocent players this bonus increases further.

Recent Changes

Version 1

Tweaked the UI a little Shared Resources and Allied Victory buttons removed Locked teams is now forced off, irrespective of game settings

Beta 3

Fixed and reenabled the Resource Dump buttons, Phantoms can now dump 90% of their mass or energy reserves Added a vote for the number of Phantoms in the game at the 7 minute mark Phantom income is now based on how many Phantoms are in the game Reduced the Phantoms income: Single Phantom ally = 0.20, mix = 0.25, enemy = 0.30, phantom_war = 1.0, vampire = 0.0 Two Phantoms ally = 0.10, mix = 0.15, enemy = 0.20, phantom_war = 1.2, vampire = 0.5 Three Phantoms ally = 0.08, mix = 0.10, enemy = 0.15, phantom_war = 1.1, vampire = 0.4

Beta 2

Disabled resource sharing to prevent a recursive increase of all allies resources

Beta 1

Phantoms are no longer allies, and only 1 phantom can win the game When only phantoms remain, all alliances are automatically broken, vampire conditions are set Added phantom condition 'vampire', for when only phantoms are alive All phantoms receive a 50% refund on units they kill Phantoms no longer receive any other form of bonuses Increased phantom coefficients: Allied: 0.25 Mixed: 0.3 Enemy: 0.4 Phantom War coefficient remains at 1.3 Vampire coefficient is 0.5

Alpha 2

Removed eco dump buttons which were preventing game desyncs As per TyrialFrost's advise, the best option for a phantom to be in is now to be at war with all innocents, and allied with phantoms. The 'Phantom War' bonus is only applied if the phantom is at war with another phantom, and contains a mixed set of alliances with innocents. This should rule out most cases of using the war bonus against innocents. Phantom War coefficient reduced to a 30% increase


When a Phantom-N game is started all players are immediately allied with each other. At 8 minutes into the game one third of players are designated as "phantoms", rounded up. Remaining players as considered "innocents". At the 8 minute mark you are told what you are, but you, nor any other players, have any idea what everyone else was designated.

After 8 minutes, the game is Phantoms vs Innocents, remembering that you don't know who is a fellow innocent or phantom, you are free to make or break alliances as you choose. When only Innocents remain, they achieve an allied victory (even if they are at war). When only Phantoms remain however, they are immediately pitched against each other as there can be only one victorious Phantom. When only Phantoms remain, Vampire conditions are set to fuel their economies.

Vampire conditions mean that Phantoms don't get their regular bonuses any more, as there are no more Innocents to feed upon. So instead they receive 50% of the cost price for every unit they kill.

In a 2 or 3 player game, 1 player will be the phantom. In a 4, 5 or 6 player game, 2 players will be phantoms. In a 7 or 8 player game, there will be 3 phantoms.

The Phantoms Perks

The Phantoms are outnumbered, so they need a few perks to help them along. After 8 minutes, a phantom player receives additional resources. They can see how much of their income is their phantom bonus by the numbers indicated at the end of the 'Phantom UI' (see below).

Allied Conditions

The Phantoms economy is a complex system that depends on whether ALL Phantoms are at war with all Innocents. Of course, there is no way of knowing if this is the case or not. If all Phantoms are allied with all Innocents, they receive a bonus of 20% of the combined income of all Innocents. The Innocents income is not effected. So, in a 6 player game, both Phantoms will receive on top of their own income, 20% of what the remaining 4 players are making.

Mixed Conditions

If ANY Phantom has broken alliance with any Innocent, ALL Phantom players now receive a "mixed" bonus. The mixed bonus is 25% of all Innocents incomes. If one Phantom is at war with all Innocents but a second Phantom has an alliance with just one Innocent, both Phantoms stay on the mixed bonus.

Enemy Conditions

If all Phantoms are completely at war with every Innocent, then enemy bonuses are in effect. All Phantoms now receive a bonus of 35%. Phantoms can be allied with other Phantoms, this will still count as enemy bonus conditions.

Phantom War

When a Phantom goes to war with another Phantom, a special coefficient is applied to the two warring Phantoms. A 30% increase to their current bonus is applied, so if two Phantoms are allied with all Innocents, but declare war with each other, they are in mixed bonus conditions (25%) + phantom war conditions (+30%), so they now receive 32.5% of all Innocent incomes.

The Phantom War bonus serves two purposes, firstly to masquerade the Phantoms bonus economy and make it harder for the Phantom to pick who the other Phantom is by making or breaking alliances (the above example will look like moving to mixed conditions) and secondly to fuel phantom-phantom wars and well, provide Innocents with some cheerful entertainment.

The Phantom UI

The Phantom UI is new to SupCom Phantom Mods. The UI sits under the eco and multifunction UI's on the left of the HUD. Before the 8 minute mark this UI provides a countdown to phantom designation. After 8 minutes it will change depending on whether you are a Phantom or Innocent. Either way, in large text it will say at the top "Phantom" or "Innocent" so you don't forget who's side you're on.

For Innocents

To the right of your new "Innocent" title you'll see a kill counter. This number is Phantom deaths followed by the number of Phantom players in the game. You want the left number to reach the right number.

The lower part of the UI shows remaining Phantoms and Innocents left in the game. This is just here for reference. You don't want that Innocents counter to get too low.

For Phantoms

This is where the Phantom UI gets serious. Phantoms get everything the Innocents get on their UI plus some important extras.

To the right of your kill counter is your bonus stats. This shows how much of your economy is being fuelled by your dear friends, the Innocents. Mass and energy readings respectively. You are not told what bonus group you are in.

On the lower section, you'll have a mass and energy button. They look very tempting to press, but I'd try to keep your hands off them. These are the dump resource buttons. If you're having too much trouble looking like a Phantom, you can masquerade yourself better by intentionally dumping your resource reserves. You could do this to get shields to fail, have things build slower or allow for allies to provide you with additional resources (oh you're just evil!). When you press the dump mass or dump energy button, 90% of that reserve will immediately be removed from your storage.

Remember, doing this won't adversely effect anything and it won't make shields fail just by pressing it. You have to drain the last 10% of your reserves yourself, if your production is positive, then that will never happen.

Other Changes

To prevent giving away which players are phantoms, two things have changed slightly from a regular game:

Factory lights are now always set to green, for all players All storage devices are forced to look like they are full

Winning The Game

Once all Phantoms have been eliminated, all remaining Innocent players are automatically allied and allied victory is enabled. The game will end as you would expect a normal team game to end. The same happens in the reverse, if all Innocent players are eliminated then all Phantom players are automatically allied, even if they were about to kill each other.

The game officially ends there. Done, Finished. However, if you got all Phantoms a little easier than you expected, well, then you can turn the game into a free-for-all by quickly breaking alliance with any player. Be wary though, the game is about to become all-on-you.

Special Thanks

A special thank-you to people who helped get this mod working:

TyrialFrost - Testing WorthyRival - Testing