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Made by PattogoTehen

What is it?

Sync Tool.png

Every computer runs replays at slightly different speed. This tool is a livereplay server which allows players to watch a replay in-sync.

The server detects when a player is behind in gametime and stops the stream. When the player catches up with the others, the server sends the next second of the replay.

So it tries to make sure that everyone see the same thing at the same time.

Where to get it?

Download link If you find any bug, please report it here.

  • 64bit ONLY


  • Replay HOST:
  1. portforward: TCP 8000
  2. Start the replay server program ReplayServer.exe
  3. Load a replay
  1. Start the replay server program ReplayServer.exe
  2. File menu -> Connect host and enter host's IP address


I dont like port 8000!!
You can change it.
It drops me to menu
Make sure that you have the map what is replayed.
It opens fa with black screen
You could not connect to the replay host, maybe u misstyped address or the host has not forwarded the ports.