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Every game you play is automatically saved online and offline. You can also watch any live game that is currently being played. Click the "Replays" tab to show them or check out the links posted below. If a game was played with a non-featured mod, you will have to have this mod available on your local system, otherwise there will be desyncs or other unpredictable problems. There is currently no mechanism in place to automatically download and update non-featured mods for you when you attempt to watch a game with them enabled.

Live Games


1) Replays tab

Go here if you want to look at live replays, browse the local vault, or the online vault. Currently, "Live Games" is selected.

2) Active games

All active games are shown, including 'private' ones. The picture on the very left is a small preview of the played map, and time refers to the time when when the game started. Games with friends playing in it are marked blue.

3) More information

If you click a replay, a list with all players in the game will appear. Disconnected players will no longer be shown in this list. Click one of the names to view the live game, or right-click for more options.

4) Gamemod played

On the very right you can see the mod played in this game. "FAF" is a normal game, "1v1 Ladder" is a ranked game, and so on.

Important things about livereplays:

  • Livereplays will sometimes stop if the player you clicked leaves. If this happens, you can always switch to another player's livereplay, and fast forward back to where you were.
  • You cannot save livereplays locally after you watch the game. You have to download them from the online vault when they are finished; note the map or players in order to find it again, or just have a look on top of the Vault a few seconds after the game is finished.
  • If the game stops at some point, it could be because the game is paused.

Local Vault

All games you play are automatically saved on your local computer under: C:\ProgramData\FAForever\replays. You can start them from anywhere with a double click. Note that these replays are only available on the computer the game was played on.


1. Tab-select

Go here if you want to look for live replays, browse the local vault, or the online vault. Currently "Local Vault" is selected.

2. Daily folder

Replays are sorted by days in FAF. Click on a specific day to see all games played during that day.

3. Games Played

The games played during that day are shown here. Right click the game to get more options; left click to start the replay. FAF will automatically get the correct version of the game's patch for you when you open a replay; however, very, very old replays might not work.

4. Played mod:

"FAF" is standard FA, for example.

Online Vault

All games you play, or anybody else plays, are automatically stored on the server. There are different ways to access them; either through the lobby, or this link:

Game/Replay ID

If you know the ID of a game you can download it here: The game IS the number in the filename before your nickname. You can easily share replays by just sharing the ID.


1) Tab-select

Go here if you want to watch live replays, browse the local vault, or the online vault. Currently "Online Vault" is selected.

2) Replay

The list on the left side shows an overview of the replays of the last 200 games played. You can start a replay by clicking it. Note that the length of the replay might not be accurate.

3) Search/Filter options

The top right hand corner offers filter options. You can apply multiple filters at the same time in order to find a certain replay. If the "spoiler free" checkbox is checked, the winning team will not be indicated.