Reporting Technical Issues

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Before starting

This is really important because the client wont make any logs if you dont do this!

  • You need to post at least two logs :
    • game.log (the log from FA - rewritten after each game, so post just after having a problem !)
    • forever.log (the log from FAF)
      • downlords-faf-client.log (log from downlords client if you use that instead of the regular client)
    • replay.log is the log outputted after seing a replay. Can eventually replace game.log if a replay replicate a problem.
  • Describe your problem as much as possible. Write everything you can think of.
  • Open your lobby installation log folder (c:\ProgramData\FAForever\logs\ )
  • Alternatively, you can use "Show logs" in the lobby HELP menu), and look for a text file name game (or game.log if you see extensions). Open it, and paste the whole file here
  • There is also a faforever (faforever.log) file. Open it, and paste the whole file here here. Alternatively, you can attach the files directly to your post.
  • Post these links (both you and the player having problems).

In-game problems

  • Try disabling all mods to see if any mod is causing the issue.
  • If it's a bug/glitch, post a SHORT SANDBOX game replay replicating it, your logs, and how to replicate it.
  • Check who has the problem in game (ren_shownetworkstats in the console), look at the bottleneck if the game is freezing.
  • Ask these persons to check for a local replay (if it's an in-game problem).
  • Post names and replays (yours, and the person who has problems) here.

In case of the replay is not available, post a game id (the number on the livereplay/replay link).

Replay problems

  • Enable the logs.
  • Post the replay.log file (see previous sections).
  • Post the replays.

In case of the replay is not available, post a game id (the number on the livereplay/replay link). You can attach your replay in the forum (attachment option when posting). The replay is located in the replay vault, local replay, right click on it, show in explorer.

Problems with Downlords Client

Make a detailed report with a log file on GitHub, the forums or discords technical help channel.

Reporting issues correctly is very important! Without all that, We can't debug and solve any problems!