Seraphim 1v1 Guide

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The Seraphim are the easiest and hardest faction to play. This is because at first they seem easy to use because they only have a few units, meaning you don't have to deal with figuring out what the right unit for the job is on the fly. This is a disadvantage because your units rarely specialize like other factions, and if your unit doesn't get the job you want done done, you have to be creative or lose. Seraphim are the most forgiving faction. Seraphim are also the jack of all trades, but master of none, they tend to have the second highest health, and the second highest damage. Now for the actual strategy guide. Units to be familiar with: everything, knowledge is power, even if you hate a faction or know you will never play as them you should still look at them, study them, and understand their weaknesses, seraphim are not good at exploiting their own advantages, rather they are excellent at exploiting other factions weaknesses, keep this in mind.

Early game strategy:

Raiding: Sera sucks at raiding in general, unless it means they can abuse their awesome transports. When raiding early game don't ever send Selens alone, I don't care if Bill Gates himself comes out of your computer and tells you to, don't. The only time you should send selens alone is as scouts, remember they are stealthed and cloaked when standing still, meaning you can send them out early on (instead of a raid party) turn on the no fire toggle, and get free, safe intel, at least until omni shows up, if at all. This advantage should be abused like hell, especially since sera lack a special t3 intel unit like the soothsayer an eye of Rihanna. However if you want to do some early damage instead of getting intel you should build one Thaam, then a selen (Thaam is slower, so build it first and let the selen catch up) this will beet any other raiding party you will expect to see on the early battle field, you can also use the selen as a quick equalizer, for example 2 uef striker will beat 2 Thaams, but you can even this out with a selen or 2. Note that the Selen can not turn its turret, and is slow to turn its entire body meaning the slightest micro makes it inefficient.

After raiding: When you both have 3-5 factories working on units you will notice you can usually beat other t1 armies. Uef: you will pretty much tye if your putting the same Eco into your units, but it is important to remember to mix in artillery(yours is by far the best) and kite uef whenever possible, uef artillery is also good, but is cursed with a horrible fire rate, making it bad against units. Cybran: you should be able to pull of a decisive win as long as you keep him from excessively raiding and keep his air at bay, this is true for all factions vs cybran t1, although much harder to do then one might assume. Aeon: you have several choices here. The most clear cut is to rush t2, and although the seraphim t2 assault bot is superior to any aeon t1 or t2 unit, your opponent might just be stalling until he gets harbingers up, which will wreak your bots. Another is to take advantage of your spy planes (the best in the game by far) and locate scouts in aeon armies. Then rush in a small army of Selens to take them out, no scout= Useless tanks. Note that this often has mixed results, requires air superiority, and is easily corrected by telling one factory to spam scouts or building aa, also you have to be careful, otherwise the Selens will be a waist of mass. Your last card is to try to out kite the kiter using your fancy artillery, although this will again have mixed results.

Now for t2: Sera t2 is the best in unit vs unit comparisons, but lacks diversity, I will go over each unit on its own, then strategies to use them

Seraphim hover tank: an excellent hover tank against naval units, and a great count against summit class battleships (or any battle ships) although it is wreaked by neptunes. When on land it is to be used strictly as a raiding tank, although faster it will lose to a fight vs a pillar and will cost more mass, never try to use this as your main t2 unit, instead always have a few on the side for raiding. Also this is a efficient counter to Gatling bots that aren't microed to the point of insanity, if they come in to shoot at your assult bot (which should be your main battle unit) the hove tank can be pulled from your main force to kill them. Don't, however, use them without your assult bot, or they won't be cost effective against the mongoose and will cause an annoying defeat.

T2 assult bot: the best t2 unit, no questions asked, this is because it has excelant health, good rang, excellent fire rate, and a good damage output. ALWAYS BUILD THIS UNIT. It can even stand up to t3 when microed well. If you have the same amount of your economy invested in assault bots as your (let's say uef) counter part has invested in titans, you can pull off a win, but with much micro. This is done by running away when attacked, although it gives the opponent a slight moral boost it will allow you to keep your rang advantage longer, and I you have a few t3 mobile shields up for when they do close the gap, you can win. Note that this only works in small numbers, if you have more than 20 assult bots this strategy will become even harder to pull off.

Mobile missile platform: good all around, nothing of note

AA(mobile): floats, meaning on amphibious maps it is good when pared with destroyers (although cruisers are better)

T3: demands attention, care, and planning, can easily be the best or worst t3 army sniper bot: long range, good damage, will discuss more in a moment oothum: the best t3 unit on paper, because it is cheap, powerful, and has a great rate of fire. It is bad in real game because it doesn't have the range or speed of the harbinger, and is so low that it hits the terrain more than anything else. On flat maps abuse the oothum as much as possible, on maps Witt exesive terrain use ishlavohs, arty, and sACUs when you can, although there are times when the oothum is still needed. Against percivals it has issues, like all factions, but sniper bots do a good job of keeping percivals from abusing their rang. Also note that the oothum is an excelant line breaker, combined with arty, sniper bots, shields, and sACUs they are near unstoppable. The oothums great damage and fire rate wreaks shields, sniper bots slaughter point defense, arty clean up less important targets, and sACUs overcharge any experimentals that find their way into the from of your army. This backed by a Ythotha or 2 is more powerful than any experimental spam, at least until army size begins to pull you down. SACUs: one of the best sACUs, seraphim sACUs have the over charge ability, which, combined with the rang range or shield upgrade, makes them a potent unit, note that you need to micro them inorder to make them more effective, and they don't do well against t3, although they are faster. Also keep in mind that sACUs are an excellent way to regain air power late game, with the sensor/range upgrade they function as t3 scouts (although good units within their own right) and with the engineer upgrade they can throw down aa like it is nothing, even on water. As for the tactile missile launcher, it, combined with teleport makes them an excellent unit for assassinations of Nuke defense and acus.