Seraphim 1v1 Guide

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The Seraphim are the easiest and hardest faction to play. This is because at first they seem easy to use because they only have a few units, meaning you don't have to deal with figuring out what the right unit for the job is on the fly. This is a disadvantage because your units rarely specialize like other factions, and if your unit doesn't get the job you want done done, you have to be creative or lose. Seraphim are the most forgiving faction. Seraphim are also the jack of all trades, but master of none, they tend to have the second highest health, and the second highest damage. Now for the actual strategy guide. Units to be familiar with: everything, knowledge is power, even if you hate a faction or know you will never play as them you should still look at them, study them, and understand their weaknesses, seraphim are not good at exploiting their own advantages, rather they are excellent at exploiting other factions weaknesses, keep this in mind. Early game strategy: Raiding: Sera sucks at raiding in general, unless it means they can abuse their awesome transports. When raiding early game don't ever send Selens alone, I don't care if Bill Gates himself comes out of your computer and tells you to, don't. The only time you should send selens alone is as scouts, remember the are stealthed and cloaked when standing still, meaning you can send them out early on (instead of a raid party) turn on the no fire toggle, and get free, safe intel, until omni shows up, if at all, this advantage should be abused like hell, especially since sera lack a special t3 intel unit. WILL CONTINUE SOON