Setting Up FAF

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Setting up the Client is very easy and FAF itself requires almost no setup after it has been installed.

As a general rule, you do not need any expternal links to mods or enhancements! The reason for this is: The FAF Client automatically manages all mods and maps for you! So you misply need to consult he Map Vault nad Mod Vault There are also some mods intergrated directly into FAF, which can be found here.

Installing The Client and Forged Alliance

  • To install FAF, download it from here and run the installer.
  • If you do not already own it, Supreme commander Forged Alliance can be found on the steam store or other places.
  • Once the client and game are installed, run Forged Alliance once to create a profile in it, then close it.
  • Start FAF and go to the find games tab, then host a game. This will start the patching process and once the host game dialog appears, you can host a game, or close it to join another game.
    • FAF might ask you to specify Forged Alliance folder so just simply direct it to your Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance folder on your hard drive.
  • Your setup is now completed, but you may wish to add more to your experience by downloading mods and maps, but normally, any game you join, the mods and maps will be downloaded automatically, so you dont need to do anything else.

Linking to Steam

The Client includes a feature to link your account to your steam account. This feature enables you to swap two steam linked accounts on the same computer, to bypass the anti-smurf protection. For this to work you require to Forged alliance in your Steam game library.

Installing Mods

Some popular mods, like GAZ_UI and Hotbuild, are already integrated and require no installation - simply enable their features in-game

All other mods can be found in the mod vault; and can be used according to preference.

Some good UI mods for beginners include: "Notify Enhanced", "Colored allies in score", "UI Mass Fab Manager" They provide some extra information and don't impact gameplay much.