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This wiki article details the installation of the Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance game and the Forged Alliance Forever (FAF) clients on Linux.


If you have questions please contact the community:

FAF forum Linux support thread
The official FAF Discord Channel: #technical-help - Discord invite

About the game

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance game runs under Linux using wine.

You only need the Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance game and one of the clients (see below) to be able to play in the FAF community. The game is available on Steam

About the clients

There are two FAF clients available. Both can handle the communication between players (IRC), launching team and 1v1 lobbies/games, downloading community mods and maps, patching the game, etc.

The new Java Downlord's client
This client was introduced as the official client in 2018 replacing the Python client. The client is built upon Java.
The legacy Python client
This client still works but its development has stopped. It might become incompatible with the upcoming changes of the FAF server in the future. The client is built upon Python.

This article only features the legacy Python client. The new Java Downlord's client will be added later.
Both of the clients run on Linux. Please refer to the clients' own section in this article for more information.

#Java Downlord's Client

#Legacy Python Client

Install Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Install using steam

You can download FA using a steam installation in wine. The following steps describe how to download FA using steamcmd on Arch Linux:

Install steamcmd:

yaourt -S steamcmd

Now you need to run steamcmd once as root to let it install its updates:

sudo steamcmd

now run steamcmd as your normal user to download your copy of FA and run the following commands in its shell:

login [my_steam_username]
@sSteamCmdForcePlatformType windows
force_install_dir [my/desired/installlocation]
app_update 9420 validate

Install using the retail ISO

Just launch the setup from the CD (ISO).

After installation



and enable "emulate virtual screen" option in graphics tab and enter you display resolution.

After installation run the game without the client, setup graphics and make sure everything works like sound etc. The bloom renderer graphics setting may not work. If the game does not start again, delete the #Game.prefs

If the game crashs with the following error:

CD3DDeviceResources::DevResInitResources: Unable to load effect file /effects/cartographic.fx

install d3dx9 using winetricks:

winetricks dlls d3dx9

If you have no sound install xact audio:

winetricks dlls xact

File Locations


Your game.prefs contains all game settings, like graphics settings, keybindings and active UI mods. It is located at

~/.wine/drive_c/users/USER/Local Settings/Application Data/Gas Powered Games/Supreme Commander Forged Alliance/Game.prefs

but this path depends on your WINEPREFIX and probably on the Windows version you set up in wine.

Java Downlord's Client

Will be detailed later. Please #Contact the community for more information.


Will be detailed later.

Client Setup

Will be detailed later.

File Locations

Will be detailed later.

Legacy Python Client

The community client (the client) is written in Python3/PyQt5, which means that the client runs straight away on Linux.


Arch Linux

You need AUR access, so install something like yaourt. Then install my package with

yaourt -S python-fafclient

This should install wine as a dependency. Now you can install the game using wine. You can use your default wine prefix or create a new one. A nice UI tool for handling wine prefixes is PlayOnLinux.


There's no .deb package yet, please create one. Some discussion about that is in

Client 0.18.0 runs on Ubuntu 17.04 using system packages only. Install instructions follow:

  • Install required packages:
 sudo apt-get install python3-idna python3-semantic-version python3-pyqt5 python3-pyqt5.qtwebengine python3-pyqt5.qtmultimedia python3-jsonschema python3-jinja2
  • Download the latest client source tar.gz (for example from here)
  • Download and install the faf-uid smurf protection executable:
 sudo wget -O /usr/local/bin/faf-uid
 sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/faf-uid
 (Note that faf-uid runs xrandr, lspci, lsblk and uname. You need an lspci version that supports the --json switch, which is util-linux-2.27 or greater.)
  • Create a version file:
 echo "0.18.0" > res/RELEASE-VERSION
  • Run the client (from source root directory):
 python3 src/


There is an experimental overlay available at, along with installation instructions. You will need layman to set it up. Note that wine is not a dependency of these packages, you will have to install it on your own.

Run from source

See basic instructions at

Client Setup

First thing is to point your client to your game directory using Options -> Settings -> Game Path... If you install FA using the Retail ISO, your game path probably is

~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/THQ/Gas Powered Games/Supreme Commander - Forged Alliance

When using the steam download, your game path probably is


I created some client settings so you can adjust how the client starts the game using wine. The are only accessible through the #FA Lobby.ini file while the client is not running (because it overwrites the file on close).

exe=/usr/bin/wine                                         <- points to your wine binary, defaults to 'wine'
prefix=/home/linuxmasterrace/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/faf  <- points to your WINEPREFIX path, defaults to '~/.wine'
cmd_prefix=primusrun                                      <- prefix the program start for something like switchable graphics

File Locations

FA Lobby.ini

The settings file of the client is located at

~/.config/ForgedAllianceForever/FA Lobby.ini

It contains all settings of the client.



Look here if something goes wrong.


Your maps are located at

~/Documents/My Games/Gas Powered Games/Supreme Commander Forged Alliance/Maps

but this path may be altered by the documents directory set up in wine and localization of your system.