Setting Up FAF Linux

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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance (the game) runs under Linux using wine.

The community client (the client) is written in Python 2, which means that the client runs straight away on Linux.

Since there a some restrictions, like handling of paths, I created a package for Arch Linux

Setup instructions for Arch Linux

You need AUR access, so install something like yaourt. Then install my package with

yaourt -S python2-fafclient

This should install wine as a dependency. Now you can install the game using wine. You can use your default wine prefix or create a new one. A nice UI tool for handling wine prefixes is PlayOnLinux.

After installation run the game without the client, setup graphics and make sure everything works like sound etc. The bloom renderer graphics setting may cause trouble



Your game.prefs contains all game settings, like graqphics settings, keybindungs ans active UI mods. It is located at

~/.wine/drive_c/users/USER/Local Settings/Application Data/Gas Powered Games/Supreme Commander Forged Alliance/Game.prefs

but this path depends on your WINEPREFIX and probably on the Windwos version you set up in wine.