Slow Connection and/or Speed up your Sim Speed

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Improving your connection

This page is for general slow game troubleshooting or optimizing your game speed

In order of importance

  1. Use Ethernet, not WiFi
  2. Ports are forwarded See: Connection_issues_and_solutions
  3. You need a decent quality Broadband connection, 4+ Mbps
  4. Shut off anything else going on your computer or on any computer that is doing things on the net (roommates/family)
  5. Run Malwarebytes and a Free Antivirus, Avast, Sophos, Bitdefender, etc

Speeding up your SIM Speed

  1. Get the fastest CPU you can afford from this chart:
  2. Set the ForgedAlliance process priority to High and Affinity uncheck CPU 0. This is ~3% Sim speed improvement and you must do it everytime you launch a game.