Slow Connection and/or Speed up your Sim Speed

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Improving your connection

This page is for general slow game troubleshooting or optimizing your game speed

Fixing high ping or inconsistent connection, in order of importance

  1. Use Ethernet, not WiFi
  2. Ports are forwarded See: Connection_issues_and_solutions
  3. You need a high quality Broadband connection, 0.5 Mbps upload and download just for Forged alliance.
  4. Shut off anything else going on your computer or on any computer that is doing things on the net (roommates/family)
  5. Run Malwarebytes and a Free Antivirus, Avast, Sophos, Bitdefender, etc
  6. Check ISP and router ping, the ping needs to be less than 250: . If The ping is higher than 250, contact your ISP for troubleshooting.
  7. Check ping to router: Go to cmd prompt, use ipconfig to get gateway IP (usually, run command "ping -n 50", make sure no pings are greater than 10 ms. If so router, switch, ehternet cables or NIC card is bad.

Improving your SIM Speed/CPU score

Your CPU score in the lobby is a way of telling how fast your pc is able to run Forged Alliance in game. A lower CPU score is better, with a score over 400 usually being indicative of a bad performance. Often, it can be the case that your CPU score quite high, and this is an indicator that your CPU is not up for the job of handling FA. There are many factors affecting CPU scores but they are in general quite accurate and show a good picture of what you will be like in game. You can test the accuracy of your score by loading a replay from Seton's Clutch and seeing your game speed in the upper right corner of your screen, at 20 minutes of in-game time. Usually a speed below -2 is considered to be slow, and disruptive for other players.

Here are some ways of improving your CPU score, listed in order of effectiveness:

  1. Get the fastest CPU you can afford from this chart:
  2. Make sure your CPU does not overheat - and make sure there is no dust in your pc. A hot CPU is throttled so it doesn't break, so its performance drop quickly.
  3. Close any unnecessary background programs. These can severely impact your game speed.
  4. Reduce the quality settings and resolution of Forged Alliance
  5. Set the ForgedAlliance process priority to High and Affinity uncheck CPU 0. This is ~3% Sim speed improvement, use this program to save these settings: Process Lasso