Steam User's Guide to Forged Alliance Forever

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First of all, welcome to FAF! We are happy to have you!

The idea behind this guide is to show the differences between FAF and the 3603 patch (which is the last beta patch and current version of Supreme Commander:Forged Alliance on steam). Since this project has been going on for quite a few years now it can be a little bit overwhelming for people who are used to play the steam version to notice and understand all the changes that have been made on FAF.

If you are new to the game entirely please take a look at the Beginner's Guide to Forged Alliance.




In order to play on FAF you will need to download the FAF client. There are currently two clients available and for this guide we will use the official client.

Once you have downloaded, installed and started the client you will have to create an account for FAForever.

Upon creating an account you will receive an automated confirmation email. If you do not see such a mail in your inbox be sure to check your spam folder to see if it managed to end up in there.

As soon as your account has been created and verified you can log in to FAF.

The Login window also provides some useful links such as

  • renaming - you can do that every 30 days
  • linking your account to steam - you can do that to use a second FAF account on your machine
  • Forgot Login or Password
  • Report a Bug - The FAF team is always thrilled to learn about bugs they can remove

Hosting Games

Information on how to host or join a game can be found in Host and join games.

The Lobby

The first thing you will notice about the lobby screen is that it has received a cosmetic overhaul. Below is a list with features that have been added to the lobby screen.

  • The new design allows for more information to be displayed and doesn't look like it has been designed for 800x600 resolution monitors.
    • On the top left you can see the current patch version number.
    • On the right just above the map you have a settings button that will open a window that allows you to customize the lobby.
  • The Player list has been extended since FAF supports up to 16 players.
  • The country flag is indicating the place a player is currently at.
  • Your rating is a more or less reliable indicator of how well you play. It is used for balance calculations.
  • Number of rated games you have played on FAF.
  • You can also have more than 4 different teams now.
  • Hiding default options makes it easier to spot changed settings
  • More options
    • CPU Benchmark - Used to get a general idea of how good the cpu is. Lower score = better cpu.
    • default settings
    • random map
    • autoteam presets
    • rerun cpu test
  • map preview - allows you to take a closer look at a map in the lobby. also displays mex and hydros.
  • lobby name - you can change the name of your lobby here without having to rehost
  • presets - allows you to create presets to make hosting specific games easier (eg. sandbox presets for testing)
  • The Launch Sequence has been removed since it doesn't serve any purpose other than being able to delay the start of the game.
  • overhauled unit restrictions
  • added Sorian AI


User Interface

  • added build range
  • integrated GAZ UI
  • added reclaim to the economy tab
  • overworked score tab
  • added network stats to the connection window (F11 default keybind)
  • integrated hotbuild
    • adds advanced keybinding options
  • added the ability to view reclaim values (default keybind ctrl+shift)
  • added Split Attack


  • Overflow goes to your team automatically
  • Factory rework
    • Factory HQs are needed to gain access to higher tech units
    • Support Factories are cheaper Factories so you can scale up your production faster
  • Units leave Wrecks in the water
  • multiple upgrades on buildings can be queued up - eg t1 radar->t2->radar->t3 radar
  • Automatic OC - RMB on the OC symbol in the UI to activate/deactivate
  • Added pause ability to Nukes/Antinukes construction
  • Removed AA toggle from Cybran Cruiser/MAA and added autotoggle instead


  • Exploit that allowed preventing the spawning of the Ythothas Ion Storm
  • Exploit that made the Monkeylord/Galactic Colossus miss Support Armored Command Units
  • Novax Satellites die when colliding with a nuke to prevent one satellite being able to block a Yolona Oss indefinetely
  • Amphibious units being untargetable in shallow water while being able to fire themselfes
  • Removed Offmapping of air units


  • Reduced amount of initial Energy storage and increased the Energy cost of Overcharge so you need to make at least one Energy Storage to unlock the Overcharge ability
  • ACU Death Explosion damage has been reduced to make ACU fights possible without (almost) certain draws and nerf combombs.
  • T1 Transports cannot carry ACUs anymore
  • Factories and Engineers no longer provide storage
  • Added T3 Mobile Anti Air
  • Nerfed RAS