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In Forged Alliance Forever games a player can send voice taunts that everyone in game will receive.

To taunt

  • Press Enter so the chat window will appear.
  • Type in the short command for desired voice taunt.
    • Example, in chat type /1 and press enter to send the voice taunt message [Hall]: You will not stop the UEF!

There are total 98 voice taunts. Below is the full list.

Command Faction Voice Taunt
/1 UEF Uef.png Hall You will not stop the UEF!
/2 UEF Uef.png Hall Humanity will be saved!
/3 UEF Uef.png Hall You're not going to stop me.
/4 UEF Uef.png Hall The gloves are coming off.
/5 UEF Uef.png Hall You're in my way.
/6 UEF Uef.png Hall Get out of here while you still can.
/7 UEF Uef.png Hall I guess it's time to end this farce.
/8 UEF Uef.png Hall You've got no chance against me!
/9 UEF Uef.png Fletcher This ain't gonna be much of a fight.
/10 UEF Uef.png Fletcher You're not puttin' up much of a fight.
/11 UEF Uef.png Fletcher Do you have any idea of what you're doing?
/12 UEF Uef.png Fletcher Not much on tactics, are ya?'
/13 UEF Uef.png Fletcher If you run now, I'll let ya go.
/14 UEF Uef.png Fletcher You ain't too good at this, are you?
/15 UEF Uef.png Fletcher Guess I got time to smack you around.
/16 UEF Uef.png Fletcher I feel a bit bad, beatin' up on you like this.
/17 UEF Uef.png Fletcher A Cybran, huh? I thought you guys would be busy changing the water in Brackman's brain tank.
/18 UEF Uef.png Fletcher That's what I love to see. Burn, baby, burn!
/19 UEF Uef.png Fletcher Yeah, yeah. Give it a rest already.
/20 UEF Uef.png Fletcher You can't stop me with that experimental! I'll destroy it first!
/21 UEF Uef.png Fletcher You're a coward.
/22 UEF Uef.png Fletcher There is no stopping me!
/23 Aeon Aeon.png Rhiza Glory to the Princess!
/24 Aeon Aeon.png Rhiza Glorious!
/25 Aeon Aeon.png Rhiza I will not be stopped!
/26 Aeon Aeon.png Rhiza All enemies of the Princess will be destroyed!
/27 Aeon Aeon.png Rhiza I will hunt you to the ends of the galaxy!
/28 Aeon Aeon.png Rhiza For the Aeon!
/29 Aeon Aeon.png Rhiza Flee while you can!
/30 Aeon Aeon.png Rhiza Behold the power of the Illuminate!
/31 Aeon Aeon.png Rhiza Such a thing will not stop me!
/32 Aeon Aeon.png Rhiza You mistake me if you think I will be cowed!
/33 Aeon Aeon.png Rhiza Soon you will know my wrath!
/34 Aeon Aeon.png Kael The Order will not be defeated!
/35 Aeon Aeon.png Kael If you grovel, I may let you live.
/36 Aeon Aeon.png Kael There will be nothing left of you when I am done.
/37 Aeon Aeon.png Kael You're beginning to bore me.
/38 Aeon Aeon.png Kael My time is wasted on you.
/39 Aeon Aeon.png Kael Run while you can.
/40 Aeon Aeon.png Kael It must be frustrating to be so completely overmatched.
/41 Aeon Aeon.png Kael Beg for mercy.
/42 Aeon Aeon.png Celene There is nothing here for you but death.
/43 Aeon Aeon.png Celene Every day you grow weaker. Your end is drawing near.
/44 Aeon Aeon.png Celene Nothing can save you now!
/45 Aeon Aeon.png Celene There is nothing I enjoy more than hunting Cybrans.
/46 Aeon Aeon.png Celene I will not be defeated by the likes of you!
/47 Aeon Aeon.png Celene No, you may not have that experimental.
/48 Aeon Aeon.png Gari Your tenacity is admirable, but the outcome of this battle was determined long ago.
/59 Aeon Aeon.png Gari Now you will taste the fury of the Order of the Illuminate.
/50 Aeon Aeon.png Gari You have nowhere to hide, nowhere to run.
/51 Aeon Aeon.png Gari Not even your most powerful weapon can stand before me.
/52 Aeon Aeon.png Gari Beg for mercy and perhaps I shall grant you an honorable death.
/53 Aeon Aeon.png Gari You are an abomination. I will take great pleasure in exterminating you.
/54 Aeon Aeon.png Gari The Order is eternal. There is no stopping us.
/55 Aeon Aeon.png Vendetta Nice try.
/56 Aeon Aeon.png Vendetta I am not defeated yet!
/57 Cybran Cybran.png Dostya I have little to fear from the likes of you.
/58 Cybran Cybran.png Dostya Observe. You may learn something.
/59 Cybran Cybran.png Dostya I would flee, if I were you.
/60 Cybran Cybran.png Dostya You will be just another in my list of victories.
/61 Cybran Cybran.png Dostya You are not worth my time.
/62 Cybran Cybran.png Dostya Your defeat is without question.
/63 Cybran Cybran.png Dostya You seem to have courage. Intelligence seems to be lacking.
/64 Cybran Cybran.png Dostya I will destroy you.
/65 Cybran Cybran.png Brackman I'm afraid there is no hope for you, oh yes.
/66 Cybran Cybran.png Brackman Well, at least you provided me with some amusement.
/67 Cybran Cybran.png Brackman Perhaps some remedial training is in order?
/68 Cybran Cybran.png Brackman Are you sure you want to do that?
/69 Cybran Cybran.png Brackman They do not call me a genius for nothing, you know.
/70 Cybran Cybran.png Brackman Defeating you is hardly worth the effort, oh yes.
/71 Cybran Cybran.png Brackman There is nothing you can do.
/72 Cybran Cybran.png Brackman At least you will not suffer long.
/73 Cybran Cybran.png QAI You will not prevail.
/74 Cybran Cybran.png QAI Your destruction is 99% certain.
/75 Cybran Cybran.png QAI I cannot be defeated.
/76 Cybran Cybran.png QAI Your strategies are without merit.
/77 Cybran Cybran.png QAI My victory is without question.
/78 Cybran Cybran.png QAI Your defeat can be the only outcome.
/79 Cybran Cybran.png QAI Your efforts are futile.
/80 Cybran Cybran.png QAI Retreat is your only logical option.
/81 Cybran Cybran.png QAI All calculations indicate that your demise is near.
/82 Cybran Cybran.png QAI If you destroy this ACU, another shall rise in its place. I am endless.
/83 Cybran Cybran.png QAI I have examined our previous battles and created the appropriate subroutines to counter your strategies. You cannot win.
/84 Cybran Cybran.png Hex5 You're screwed!
/85 Cybran Cybran.png Hex5 I do make it look easy.
/86 Cybran Cybran.png Hex5 You should probably run away now.
/87 Cybran Cybran.png Hex5 A smoking crater is going to be all that's left of you.
/88 Cybran Cybran.png Hex5 So, I guess failure runs in your family?
/89 Cybran Cybran.png Hex5 Man, I'm good at this!
/90 Cybran Cybran.png Hex5 Goodbye!
/91 Cybran Cybran.png Hex5 Don't worry, it'll be over soon.
/92 Cybran Cybran.png Hex5 You will bow before the Seraphim.
/93 Seraphim Seraphim.png Oum-Eoshi Only one species can attain perfection.
/94 Seraphim Seraphim.png Oum-Eoshi Do not fret. Dying by my hand is the supreme honor.
/95 Seraphim Seraphim.png Oum-Eoshi Soon there will be more of us than you can possibly ever hope to defeat.
/96 Seraphim Seraphim.png Thel-Uuthow You Cybrans die as easily as any other human.
/97 Seraphim Seraphim.png Thel-Uuthow Bow down before our might, and we may spare you.
/98 Seraphim Seraphim.png Thel-Uuthow You will perish at my hand.