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[[File:Ladder_Ratings.png|thumb|right|460px|alt=Ladder|Rankings of some of the top players in 1v1]]
[[File:Ladder_Ratings.png|thumb|right|460px|alt=Ladder|Rankings of some of the top players in 1v1]]
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{{Navbox FAF Tabs}}
{{Navbox FAF Tabs}}

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Random Faction.png
Rankings of some of the top players in 1v1

The Ladder System

The ladder is a system that matches players of a similar skill level to play against each other. When a new player starts playing the ladder , the system will start a series of matches to rate his initial skill level, these matches will be against players of random/different skill levels.

The expanded ladder system with Leagues and Divisions is currently undergoing an overhaul and will be implemented again soon™

The map pool is currently managed by FtXCommando and you can view the details on the forum link.

Rating shall give you an idea of how good you are relative to other people and make it easier for you to balance games.

Your Ladder Rank and Rating

Ladder Rank can be found in Leaderboards.

Ladder Rating will be displayed, if you hover your mouse near the blue box next to your nickname on the nicknames list of the Chat lobby TAB Chat lobby TAB.

Ladder Rating over the past year can be found on the 1v1 Leaderboards in the main FAF websibe link.

How does it work?

Leagues and Divisions in Leaderboards

The rating of new players in ladder is effectively above 1k (even though it is shown as 0). Because of this, new players will rarely get balanced 1v1 games in their first 5 games. After some games have been played, the system gives the player a rank that should be quite close to their current skill level.

You gain rating by winning games, and lose it by losing games. If a high rated player beats a low rated player (1800 vs 900 for example) the higher rated player might not gain any rating. However, if the lower rated player wins, they will gain a fair bit of rating.


Automatch / Play tab

A system put in place to help you find roughly equally skilled players. Simply click on the faction icon(s) you wish to play as (or random faction button) and the matchmaker will find you an opponent.

Map Pool

The map pool contains maps in several distinct groups:

  • Core maps - these maps will stay for a long time and are only swapped out when absolutely necessary
  • Maps on rotation - these will be swapped out for new maps every few weeks to keep the map pool exciting and fresh.
  • Promotional maps - these are new high quality maps which are included in the pool to help mapmakers promote their maps.

The current map pool can be found Ladder Map Pool.

  • The map rotation is currently being managed by FtXCommando.
  • If you would like to see a map added to the map pool you can make a post with your suggestion here.
  • TA4Life was the 1st players councilor to manage it. You can find the old rotations here