The Universal Resurrection Cup

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The Universal Resurrection Cup was a high-class 1v1 tournament hosted by Blackheart which took place from 6th October 2014 until 3d November 2014, totaling 28 days length. Preceding the actual tournament, a qualification tournament was held on the 28th of September 2014.



The promotion of the URC began on the 15th September 2014 and lasted 14 days. During the promotion phase the qualification tournament was held. The URC was presented as an intergalactic tournament that was meant to resurrect the activity of old and skilled players. The promotion began with a rather vague post in the FAF forums, starting up the story of a sole commander getting almost accidentally dragged onto the planet on which the URC was taking place. At this point the full tournament name was unknown, and a fun game to guess for observers (also on Facebook).

Three days later, the first update was posted, again in the forums. It contained a small riddle which, if you managed to solve it, granted one spot in a lottery which would decided over one spot in the URC. Also the updated contained more information about the tournament, including the tournament name, some players, and more.

The next update continued the story, revealing more information yet again and also announcing the winner of the lottery, which was Vee. It also announced the qualification tournament, which is the official end to the promotion phase and decided 3 additional spots in the URC.

Qualification Tournament

The qualification tournament was held at the end of the promotion phase, which was the 28th September 2014. The complete announcement can be found in the forums. As it is rather unusual for tournaments on FAF, the qualification tournament was swiss style. Also a small trailer made by lextoc was published (here).

Several good players signed up to fight for the 3 spots in the main tournament. Only one player could show clear dominance in winning all games, which was Chevalier who rightfully claimed the first place. The next 2 spots needed to get decided by using tiebreakers, as 4 players (Mr-Smith, Juraj, MrMackey and TA4Life) had equal score, winning 4 games and losing 1 each. According to the qualification tournament rules, a FFA on Four-Corners was played, which Mr-Smith won after out-ecoing the other players who took a more aggressive approach. The remaining 3 players arranged together with the tournament director a different tiebreaker than the originally planned FFA. They played a small 1v1 tournament, where everyone played a match against each other, which was won by TA4Life with winning all of his games, hence gaining the last spot in the URC. MrMackey hence placed 4th and Juraj 5th, unexpectedly, as Juraj only had a very low rating. The full results of the qualification tournament without tiebreakers can be seen here.

Main Tournament

The main tournament was finally announced on 5th October 2014, just one day before it already started. It revealed all of the 16 players, as well as all rules and prizes to fight over. The full post with all rules, maps, prizes, TDs, and more can be found here.

Complete tree

A complete result tree can be found here. Complete cast coverage (thanks to Napalm) can be found in this playlist.


As it was a single elimination setting, 16 players were required in the URC. Additionally to the 4 spots that were on stake in the lottery and the qualification tournament, 12 players got selected by the TD and invited to play in the URC, making it a mostly invitational tournament. One player sadly had big technical issues, so could not play the URC and was replaced by the 4th place in the qualification tournament, which was MrMackey. The complete list of participants is hence as follows:

  • LuXy
  • Isen
  • Voodoo
  • TheUnpwnable
  • Pachuriko
  • Mad-Mozart
  • Adjux
  • ZLO
  • Embers
  • Deathly
  • Vee
  • MrMackey
  • Blackheart
  • Chevalier
  • Mr-Smith
  • TA4Life

The high quality of participants made the URC one of the highest ranked tournaments in the recent history of FAF.


The rules can be found in the full tournament post, a short summary is given now:

  • Single Elimination (knockout system)
  • BO5 (Best of 5) in each round
  • 3 maps given, 2 maps to be chosen by the players
  • 1 week to play the matches

The prizes were:

1st place: 100$ and an individually designed avatar 2nd place: 30$ and an avatar 3d place: 20$ and an avatar

The prize pool got founded by TA4Life, Voodoo, Lextoc and Blackheart.

Round 1

The maps and pairings for the first week can be found here.

In the first round the action started fast with a clash of 2 tournament favourites: LuXy and Blackheart. This match was, after psychological warfare preceding it, won by Blackheart 3-1 (losing on Bermuda Locket). Another very interesting match was Embers vs Adjux, as these 2 players were considered highly equal in ability. Adjux demonstrated the power of good preparation, bringing powerful BOs to every game. Embers fought back well, but got eventually defeated in a hard 3-2 struggle. An epic fight was brought to us by TA4Life and Isen, who had to repeat some matches due to technical issues and eventually TA4Life got bested by Isen through a tough 3-2 win.

The 2 casts of the games of round 1 are here and here.

Round 2

With half of the players eliminated, the tournament continued with two especially interesting matchups: Pachuriko vs Voodoo as well as Isen vs ZLO. In the Pachuriko vs Voodoo match Voodoo showed his skill on smaller maps, while Pachurikos superior macro gave him the edge on bigger maps. Finally, Pachuriko prevailed 3-2. The Isen vs ZLO match was a clash of two oldtimers: Isen, who was reactivated just for this tournament, and ZLO who is around since the earliest days. As Isen took an early 2-1 lead, this match promised to be interesting, and they delivered. ZLO won on the map choice of his opponent, bringing the match under his belt with a 3-2 win.

Summary of round 2 by Nepalm: Click here.


As round 2 finished, the semifinals arrived. Only 4 players and 2 matches were left: Adjux vs Blackheart and Pachuriko vs ZLO. Both of these were highly anticipated as Adjux had shown excellent preparation to make things difficult, and ZLO vs Pachuriko as the classic fight of defensive play versus aggression. The Blackheart-Adjux match started with 2-1 to Blackheart, as he could win the 5x5 as well as the 20x20 sized map. The match on crossfire canal got casted by Gyle. Adjux then managed to win on his map to tie the match to 2-2, but Blackheart showed no mercy on his map and won 3-2. Pachuriko proved to be proficient on the larger maps, as he won all matches vs ZLO except the one on the 5x5 sized map.

Cast is here.


This leads to the final match: Pachuriko vs Blackheart. The maps selected by the random generator were Finns Revenge, Loki and Roanoke, which gives (if you ask the players to predict) an edge to Blackheart on Finns, an edge to Pachuriko on Loki, and an equal match on Roanoke. Surprisingly the games did not follow the expectations, as Blackheart managed to snag a win on Loki, though lost on Roanoke. Together with the win on Finns, he went into the last 2 games with 2-1 under his belt. As it was Pachurikos map choice, he decided to go for The Ditch, a highly apm intensive, large, reclaim-heavy and endurance dependent map. Very equal play ensued, but finally Blackheart managed to abuse his air advantage to snipe Pachuriko with a soulripper, hence winning the URC finals 3-1.

The cast of the finals is again on youtube.

Game for the third place

In the battle for the third place, we had Adjux vs ZLO. With two wins from the first 3 games, losing only on Loki, which is one of the strongest maps for Adjux, ZLO could confidently enter the last 2 games. Adjux though had decided to not resign into despair, but instead fought hard and came back, clinching both of the last 2 games in the tournament to finish ZLO 3-2 and winning the third place.

Cast is here.

End of the tournament

After the match for the third place was done, the URC ended after lasting for 28 days. The final post can be found, as usual, in the forums.