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== All Avatars For Tournament Winners ==
== All Avatars For Tournament Winners ==
* Standart avatars are given for 6 months  
* Standard avatars are given for 6 months  
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{| class="wikitable"

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Tournaments are normally managed on Challonge. You can view past tournaments here

The bigger tournaments are normally announced on the news page. You can also browse the "Tournaments" board on the forum

At the start of the tournament an IRC channel will be created and players are requested to join it.

Twitch streams are popular during the tournaments with both players and commentators streaming. Arkitect is currently producing good quality streams and casts, please show him some support. twitch youtube

Regular Tournaments

Regular Tournaments are small to medium size tournaments. Time for signing up is roughly one week and the tournaments are taking place usually on one day. Usual prizes for winners are Tournament Champion avatars and sometimes small cash prizes.

Classic 1v1

Tournament with no global rating or ladder rating limitations. Usual time for sign ups is one week.

  • Time limit per round 45 or 60 minutes
  • Single Elimination or Double Elimination (depends on Tournament Director)
  • Prizes:

Classic 2v2

Tournament with no rating or ladder rating limitations. Usual time for sign ups is one week.

  • Time limit per round 45 or 60 minutes
  • Single Elimination or Double Elimination (depends on Tournament Director)
  • Prizes:

Average Joe´s Tourney

Average Joe Tournament.png

Blitz Champion Avatar.png Blitz

Tournament that can be hosted by Tournament Director at any day, any time (usually Europe evening) when there is enough players. This tournament is always announced by Tournament Director in the main chat and time for registration is usually only one hour so it' easy to miss this tournent.

King of Aeon.png King of Faction

Regular tournament where only one faction is allowed.

Personal Trainer Avatar.png Trainings Tournament

  • Rules: The coach is allowed to join the game as a player but he has to Ctrl-K (Kill) his ACU immediately at the start of the game(to say he is only allowed to give tips ingame.) It's not allowed for the coach to watch the live replay
  • Prizes: (The player and his coach will receive the avatars)
  • Current Champion:
  • Previous Champion:

Galaxy Tour Champion.png Galaxy Tour

Back from the shadows, one of the most prestigious GPGnet award is back on FAF: The winner will win the Galaxy Tour Avatar!

RKs Explosions Icon.jpg RK's Explosions Tournament

Welcome to the explosions tournament! Showcasing one of the most recent graphical update mods with a bang. Compete for the title of the most artistic commander in the universe and annihilate your opponents in a colourful mix of sparks and fire!

  • Double Elimination
  • RK's Explosions mod mod on.... obviously.
  • Prizes:
    • Winner: Router rack.png "Cloaked Router Rack" Avatar. Also the winner gets to design a custom explosion for a unit of their choice together with RK4000 to be included in the next version of the mod!
    • 2. place: Faction Face Avatar
    • 3. place: Faction Logo Avatar
  • Current Champion:

Infinite Tournaments

O1900 WWPC.png World Wide People's Championship

O1800 2v2 WWPC.png 2v2 World Wide People's Championship

King of Setons Clutch.png King and Prince of map

Special Tournaments

These tournaments are bigger than regular ones, sometimes with smaller qualification tournament first. Top players are fighting for cash prizes and unique avatars. Time for signing up is at least two weeks.

Grand Master Cup Champion.png The Grand Masters Cup

IMBA Cup Champion.png The IMBA Cup

ACU Sniper.png Rise of the Immortals Trophy

The Universal Resurrection Cup

Clan War Champion.png Intergalactic Colosseum

Sign ups

There are two ways of signing up:

  1. For smaller tournament sign ups are handled via FAF Lobby Tournament Tab.
  2. For larger tournaments you have to sign up in Tournament Section on Forum.
  • Every Tournament is posted on Forum with full description so if you look at Forum time to time you won't miss any (An exception could be Blitz Tournament which is easy to miss).

All Avatars For Tournament Winners

  • Standard avatars are given for 6 months
Avatars For Tournament Winners
Overall King Of Faction King Of Map WWPC 2v2 WWPC
First Place
  • Tournament Champion.png 1v1 Tournament Champion
  • Strategic Genius Avatar.png Strategic Genius
  • Air Supremacist Avatar.png Air Supremacist
  • Blitz Champion Avatar.png Blitz Champion
  • 2v2 Tournament Champion.png 2v2 Tournament Champion
  • King of Aeon.png King of Aeon
  • King of Cybran.png King of Cybran
  • Nomads Tournament Champion.png King of Nomads
  • King of Seraphim.png King of Seraphim
  • King of UEF.png King of UEF
  • King of Arctic Refuge.png There are 44 avatars awarded for 22 maps: 22 for "King of map" and 22 for "Prince of map". A full list of these avatars can be found here.
  • O1900 WWPC.png O1900 Champion
  • U1900 WWPC.png U1900 Champion
  • U1500 WWPC.png U1500 Champion
  • U1100 WWPC.png U1100 Champion
  • O1800 2v2 WWPC.png O1800 Champion
  • U1800 2v2 WWPC.png U1800 Champion
  • U1200 2v2 WWPC.png U1200 Champion
Second Place - Faction Face Avatars
  • Dostya.png Dostya
  • Brackman.png Brackman
  • Cool Brackman.png Cool Brackman
  • Rhiza.png Rhiza
  • Princess Rhianne Burke.png Princess Rhianne Burke
  • Cool Princess.png Cool Princess
  • Kael.png Kael
  • Riley.png President Riley
  • Cool Clarke.png Cool Clarke
  • Zan-Aishahesh.png Zan-Aishahesh
  • Seth-Iavow.png Seth-Iavow
  • Cool Seth-Iavow.png Cool Seth-Iavow
Third Place - Faction Logo Avatars
  • Aeon Avatar.png Aeon Avatar
  • Cybran Avatar.png Cybran Avatar
  • UEF Avatar.png UEF Avatar
  • Seraphim Avatar.png Seraphim Avatar
  • Nomads Avatar.png Nomads Avatar

Tournament Participant.png Tournament Participant Avatar will be given all participants of any tournament, who played all their rounds.

Clan War Participant.png Clan War Participant Avatar was given to all participants of clan wars.

FAF Client Tournament Tab

In this tab you can find most of the planned tournaments with their description (Every tournament is posted on forum). Registrations for some tournament is also handled here by double clicking on tournament.

  • It might take a minute to show you as signed up, so be patient.

Tournament Tab.png