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This page is a guide to help you play the UEF faction in a 1v1 scenario. If you haven't already, read the Beginner's Guide to Forged Alliance and the General 1v1 Guide first.

UEF is the considered the ‘basic human’ faction of the game and has generally higher health –lower speed units on comparison to other factions, they focus on a more defensive play style; and you will find that the faction needs to reach higher level tech to gain access to their unique units.

  • The Ravager point defence. (The minigun turret)
  • The Continental heavy air transport. (Carries 28 T1 units)
  • The Spearhead mobile missile platform. (Massive mobile missile salvos)
  • The Neptune class Battlecruiser. (Essentially a T3 Laser Destroyer)

All reside in the T3 stage and reaching those higher levels gives you far more advantage over opponents in other factions. Combined with the Percival, quite possibly the strongest single land unit in the game with 9000 hp and 1500 damage per a single shot; often results in the UEF’s enemies being places on a countdown timer, with 1v1’s reaching T3 often resulting in UEF victory if the opponent has not reached a large enough advantage. You also have the longest ranged battleship, and some powerful T3 air tools if the game reaches that stage, but without ARAS you could find yourself lacking ability to rush as fast as other factions.

Hitting the T4 stage gives UEF the Fatboy, a mobile factory with 4 battleship level cannons. Providing a lot of damage from a huge distance as the unit rains down shells from afar, but with little hp and only a shield to defend it makes the Fatboy very vulnerable without energy, Intel, or air cover.

But you need those three to win no matter the faction, so…

You also have the Mavor, the largest gun in the game with unlimited range and unlimited time to build if your eco is trash, and the Novax satellite. Which cannot be destroyed unless the enemy comes into your base and destroys its control station. But how one would manage to complete one of these weapons in a 1v1 game without losing from the mass/energy investment is beyond me.

The final T4 you own is the Atlantis, a giant sub that makes planes, it dies to its mass worth in regular subs and ground firing battleships at it will cause major damage, so be careful where you use it.

However, all these units being higher tech does not mean you should play defensively until then.

While you are possibly slower than other factions, you still need that vital map control, reclaim, and mexes to win games, not only this, but you have the worst TMD. And the second best shield, so other factions have plenty of viable options to bust open your firebases. Keep fighting as you would with another faction, and make sure you cover potential raiding areas.

Anyway, into the somewhat detailed breakdown. This will probably be land focused with some comments to the other three branches if they are actually needed.

Tech 1

In the T1 stage, you have the Snoop, a pitiful little bikelike vehicle with 2 dps and 29hp, stunning. Except that it is your land scout, and you will be making these at almost any point in the game, this unit provides your hordes of tanks to see potential defenses and units. The spot targets for your AA and artillery, making solitary PD almost 100% useless if you don’t try and wade through it.

You then have the Mech Marine, and if you don’t spawn on a 80km map, you might consider sending a few of these out early to attempt to kill off engineers to hamper your enemies start, but these bots only have 75hp and 23 or so dps, and won’t stand up to anything other than other LAB’s or scouts without some skilled micro. So don’t attempt to do anything more than raid with these bots or you might WILL be disappointed.

(Note, 1000 mech marines will not destroy a completed base from an normal AI in the base, original game)

The vehicle that will be doing all the fighting for the UEF T1 stage is the Striker. It’s the most generic tank in the game, and you will need to use its higher hp to outlive other faction’s T1 units, however, the Aeon Aurora is still slower than your striker, and reckless players will consider catching up to and destroying Aurora armies before their kiting deals too much damage.

This doesn’t mean that a Striker can go 3v1 against Mantis or Thamms, as the numbers really have to escalate for the hp bonus to stack up, being only a meager 30/20 hp extra respectively, scout and anticipate enemy movements to block raids or force your way into expansions, your choice.

Sporting probably the most meaningless single unit ability in the game, the Lobo is a higher damage, slower firing artillery unit with a ‘fragcam’ that gives the shells vision when they land for a brief second. You’ll find use in watching a PD die from out of LOS, but you should probably be looking at something else by then. The lobo is considered the worst artillery by some, due to it’s poor rate of fire, it has a large aoe but still misses moving targets often.

On a side note, the UEF bomber has horrible chances of hitting mobile targets with its napalm bombs, and your frigate has jamming, meaning enemy frigates will sometimes shoot the fake blips instead of your boats.

(Also, build walls)

At this point, you would have used your ACU in combat, and is possibly the best at doing what unupgraded commanders do, which is tank damage. The UEF acu has the highest base HP and is very versatile, allowing you to have very powerful combinations such as Gun + T2 + Shield, RAS + T3 + Shield, and even a tml launcher that fires either regular missiles or nukes.

Your gun upgrade does double damage instead of shooting twice as fast, but UEF’s focus on point defenses might make T2 the more common choice for the demographic of this guide. Being able to get both the gun and T2 upgrades can really help make your ACU a dangerous weapon in many open maps.

Tech 2

When you hit Tech 2, you have three different direct fire land units to choose from, the Pillar, which is a Striker with 5 times the hp, more range and DPS. It is considered a decent tank for it’s price, it’s the cheapest regular tank at the T2 stage which makes them strong early on because you can field them in larger numbers.

Next is the Mongoose, a fast raiding bot with lower hp and higher range, allowing you to kite most t1. Similar to the Cybran Hoplite, it is a long range bot used for kiting - avoid direct engagements with them and keep your distance - weak to bombers, these are not recommended for newer players due to the attention required to use them effectively.

Riptides are the other unit, with lower range and higher hp. It is your hover unit and it’s weapon gives almost no over kill, being a constant hail of bullets. It’s also more expensive than the two aforementioned units, and isn’t common in most land based games. It can be used as a raiding unit due to its speed but on land its use is highly situational.

You have a generic flak gun called the Sky Boxer and a generic mobile missile launcher called the Flapjack, you also have a generic mobile shield called the Parashield which have similar equivalents in the other factions.

And then, towering above other T2 units, is the Sparky. It's a field engineer, and has more buildpower then the base engineer but can only build defenses. It has jamming, radar, defensive weapons, can hover, can reclaim, and can pull off entire PD creeps just as good as your ACU. Because you should always be trying to lay your hands on as much reclaim as possible, the Sparky gives a massive advantage and can trample raids with some micro. You can also reclaim enemy units while they are still alive for additional damage. Sparkies are also usefull in drops where you build defenses in the enemy base.

One of the strongest naval units in the game, the T2 Shield boat is extremely good at making your navy effective in larger numbers. The UEF does not have a T2 submarine, instead having a torpedo boat. These are extremely effective against subs, at the cost of being vulnerable to surface fire. They have one of the best torpedo defenses in the game and are the perfect unit to build against submergible units.

Your gunship can lift single T1/2 units with a clamp, which can be used to drop engies or Pillars without having a transport.

Tech 3

Tech 3 is where a UEF player really starts to get ahead, and if you get it early, you can deal crippling damage to your enemy, the most important unit is the Percival mentioned earlier, 1500 damage means small numbers of this bot will straight up kill ACU’s in a few hits, and large mobs will kill T4 units with low casualties. It’s good, use it.

To make up for the one thing the Percival does not have (speed), you have the Titan. It’s some raiding bot with a shield and two fast firing guns, on comparison to the Loyalist, it’s garbage, but Titan’s can maneuver and flank around to kill supporting units, engineers, or mexes. Use it’s speed, it’s all it has.

You have the Demolisher for a mobile artillery piece, and that is generic too, but T3 mobile arty rips through firebases and you will want to deploy these against static opponents. you also have the Spearhead if you prefer missiles over shells, they are extremely cheap and better at dealing with buildings, but useless against mobile units unlike the Demolishers. You also have the Cougar, which has two miniguns to snipe out air units really well; use it against strategic bombers and fighter-bombers. Against gunships T2 mobile flak is usually more cost efficient.

You also have the benefits mentioned at the start of the guide, and those are also immensely powerful. Creeping Ravagers is a solid move if you have the eco and do it early in the game before the enemy can respond with artillery. The Continental can drop six percivals at a time, but require T3 air. If your enemy does not have AA, you can land 12000 damage per volley wherever you choose, that is enough to kill most unupgraded ACU’s in one shot. Percivals are also faster than ACU’s too, if you’re playing against UEF in T3, be careful.

Your T3 battleship is the best because of it’s range and your T3 gunships tank really well, you also have the aforementioned Battlecruiser, which is extremely powerfull against T2 units. In combination with frigates and shield boats, the UEF T3 navy is the strongest in the game.

To rehash, UEF units are slower with more hp, they have good options on the land which gets better the higher your tech gets, you have a good range of defensive buildings, but don’t rely on them too much, and also, build walls.

If you have any questions about UEF in ladder, you can always ask in #Aeolus, or a trainer.