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This is a WIP page

Microing units can greatly increases their effectiveness, however it concentrates your attention in one spot, when deciding whether to micro or not, consider the advantages you will gain from that, against advantages of spending the apm in another place.

Basic Commands

This section will cover how to use regular unit orders:

Move Command

Normally given with a right-click, this can be used to make units that have build power move into reclaimable objects without being disrupted.

  • Give move commands with right-click, the hotkey, or the panel on the bottom left.
  • Usually used for sending units to attack, instead of the attack command.
  • Useful for microing your ACU in forested areas.
  • You can queue multiple move orders in a zig-zag to dodge projectiles.
  • Dragging move orders can be used to quickly change a unit's direction without worrying about accidentally reclaiming something.
  • Dragging can also be used to divert a unit without cancelling the rest of its queue. Use to avoid units or catch them while on your way to something.

Attack Command

Given by a right-click while mousing over a hostile unit, or using the bottom-left panel.

  • When an enemy unit leaves intel range, land units lose their targets, while air units do not.
  • Use this to focus fire on important targets.
  • This command is good for intercepting bombers as air units don't lose their targets.

Attack Move

This command is given with Alt+right-click. It appears as a red attack icon, just like an attack command.

  • When units are given this command, they will move to the location, but stop to attack anything in their range.
  • Engineers will reclaim anything on their way. This does not apply to SCUs or ACUs.
  • When given directly from a factory, engineers built from it will reclaim resources in a large radius.
    • This is one of the best ways to reclaim because it has a much larger range than normal.
    • You can drag this command around to keep its effects while moving to another spot to reclaim.

Reclaim Command

How to get units to follow your orders:

  • Pathfinding
  • Acceleration
  • Rotation
  • Formation basics
  • Target Priorities
  • Reload time
  • Firestates
  • Target Retention
  • Radar vs Direct visual
  • Weapon range vs Visual range
  • Stealth/Clock/Omni
  • Firing randomness
  • EMP

  • Individual Units vs Groups

  • Individual
  • Attack Move Patrol Assist
  • Order Sequences

  • Group Attack
  • Group Attack Move
  • Group Move
  • Group Attack Move
  • Group Spread Attack
  • Group Spread Move
  • Group assist of a single unit
  • Group order sequences