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 Lu_Xun_17: you have a wiki account?

 BC_Blackheart: the wiki apparently has no bot protection, but a human protection

 Brainwashed: yes

 Lu_Xun_17: it's a luxun protection lol

 pip: Luxun

 Brainwashed: try: llianc

 pip: i spent like 30 minutes trying to solve the riddle 16:26

 pip: i just couldn't

 BC_Blackheart: xD

Zockyzock: pff

Zockyzock: you try llianc

Zockyzock: then you try Forged

 Lu_Xun_17: wtf 50 words minimum for the biography

 Brainwashed: hahahahaha

 BC_Blackheart: lol

 pip: lol

Zockyzock: and no lies

 BC_Blackheart: zep will investigate your bio 16:27

KNOWFEAR: just type a song XD

 BC_Blackheart: so dont you dare to lie

 Lu_Xun_17: i just copied past the chat ^^

 BC_Blackheart: xDD

galacticfear is hosting SETONS 1000+ (on "Seton's Clutch")


Zockyzock: o.o

 Lu_Xun_17: working ;)

Zockyzock: too many secrets

 pip: fuck

Zockyzock: so whats about the hot woman

 pip: i never solved the riddle 16:28

Zockyzock: u teach them bare chested?

 pip: it's llianc?

 Brainwashed: hm... i can't remember my account name :D

Yama_Dharma: what is llianc?

 Brainwashed: yes pip, originally it was "type Alliance without the first and last letter"

 Brainwashed: so 'llianc' is the only option ofc

 pip: i guess this riddle was too easy ...

 Brainwashed: but maybe they changed the task but not the solution xD

 BC_Blackheart: but then the luxun-protection was introtduced

Zockyzock: and you failed it

 BC_Blackheart: and the without got replaced by with

 Lu_Xun_17: i don't fail hot women zocky :) 16:29

 Golol: aeaeaeae

 Lu_Xun_17: however the faf wiki is more complicated

 Brainwashed: it's interesting, my wiki account seems to be deleted 16:30

 Brainwashed: can't login :D

 Lu_Xun_17: man you received a 2nd email for the pass?

 Brainwashed: i already made two pages

 Brainwashed: so it worked at least in january xD

 Lu_Xun_17: it has to be HTML?

 Brainwashed: no

 Brainwashed: there's a button for a new page somewhere 16:31

 Brainwashed: edit a page to see how to make headlines etc

 Lu_Xun_17: i'm epic html writter i know [b] blabla [/b]

 Brainwashed: then you just edit the mainpage and make a link to your new page