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Moderator Avatar.png FAF Moderators

These people are the moderators who are responsible for rules in-game, in the chat, and in the forum. They're also very willing to help you with anything, so if you have questions you can PM (private message) them. You can identify the mods by their white names, they can also be found at the top of the user list or by using !mods command to be given a list of online moderators.

  • Deering (Deering_,kangarooing)
  • Gorton (VoR_GoR, Tyr)
  • Legion_Darrath (Legion)
  • nemir (nemirc)
  • Nombringer (BringerofNoms)
  • SiNs
  • ToejamS
  • Viking
  • Voodoo (Scruffy)

Important: fafbot and AeonCommander are chat bots!

Personal Trainer Avatar.png Trainers

These people are trainers who can teach you how to play Supreme Commander. PM them in FAF chat and ask for a lesson!

To track down their name change go here. Alternatively, you can use !trainers in aeolus to get a list of online trainers.

List of trainers happy to help you!
Clan Name Country Time Zone Comments
[e] Apofenas RU GMT+7 Sometimes called SiwaonaDaphnewen
[VoR] Kalvirox GB GMT+0 Changes his name, currently A_Kitteh
[BC] Totaltuna NL GMT+1 Changes his name, currently FalafelWaffle
[FoE] R4sperdan GB GMT+0
[VoR] Vee NL GMT+1
[SFo] Mephi GER GMT+1
[SFo] Freshy GER GMT+1 Changes his name, currently BabyGroot
[SFo] Chevalier CA GMT-3
nemir AUS GMT+8
laPPen GER GMT+1 (only team games)
[BRS] Destructor BRA GMT-3
CurrySmuggler GER GMT+1
[SFo] ColonelSheppard GER GMT+1
[SFo] Koecher GER GMT+1
[SFo] Voodoo GER GMT+1
In-Com CZ GMT+1
[e] Mr-Smith AUT GMT+1
[e] Nombringer NZ GMT+12
[VoR] Aulex USA GMT-5
[BC] Joly PT GMT+0 Changes his name often, currently imsoempty
[e] Wild_Green PL GMT+1 Changes his name often. Good luck finding him.
[BFA] Pietros USA GMT-8
[SGI] StefanD RO GMT+2
[SGI] Meow SI GMT+1
Spurdo RU GMT+4
[e] Mad`Mozart RU GMT+5 only training those 1300+ 1v1, only 1v1 games
[e] speed2 CZ GMT+1
[SIR] SneakySnake USA GMT-5 Changes his name, currently IsaacNewton
Hascins GER GMT+1 basic 1v1 training for under 1100 ranking
[e] TheCoolGamer GB GMT+0 basic 1v1 training and team games for under 1100 ranking
[Cru] theeggroll USA GMT-6

Visionik Avatar.png Council of Setons

Tournament Director.png Tournament Directors

This is a list of people who host Tournaments on FAF. If you want to become one of them you can sign up here and do not forget to read these rules.

  • Blackheart
  • Gorton
  • Greenio
  • Morax
  • Sir-Prize
  • Voodoo
  • Tokyto
  • speed2
  • theeggroll
  • Washy
  • Mad-Mozart