Violations and Penalties

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If, for any reason, you are in violation of any of the rules of the lobby or forums then your privileges to use this chat/forum will be reviewed by a community moderator. The penalties range from being given a severe warning as to future conduct, a timed ban (for a specified time), a total forum/lobby ban (you may still play on FAF) or a total FAF ban (you will not be able to play on FAF). If the matter warrants it then you might also be reported to your ISP/appropriate authorities.

Community staff have the final say over what constitutes a violation of these Community Rules.

Warnings and notices from community staff will be sent via private message. It is your responsibility to check your private messages for any notices that may occur.

All situations will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Appealing If you really feel that you have been hard done by or mistreated by someone from the moderation team, please talk to one of us in private. You can do that on FAF Lobby or on the forums. Please do this sensibly and calmly and do not abuse this or it may be taken away and the action made more severe. Note that appeals filled with insults and/or threats will be immediately dismissed.