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The FAF lobby contains an integrated Mod Vault where many mods can be found, and manages them automatically for you. In exceptional cases, mods can be downloaded from the forums, but for general use, consult the Mod Vault. Here is an introduction to some of the available game modifications for FAF.

Integrated Mods

These mods are currently integrated into FAF. They don't require any installation and will probably break if you try to install them, simply enable the corresponding options in-game.

Engy Mod


Only T1 engies were viable to produce higher tech units or assisting buildings. Multiple factories or more than one higher tech engy were very inefficient. Multiple T2/T3 factories and T2/T3 engies to build and assist are now cost efficient (Thanks to Rienzilla and Zock)

  • The normal factory is renamed to T2/T3 factory Headquarters.
  • If you have at least one Headquarters, you can now build some new, cheap factories (called support factories)
  • If you lose all Headquarters, these support factories can make only t1 units until you make a new HQ.
  • Many units had their build power adjusted, check the Unit Database for more details.
  • You can remove support factories in the restriction menu of the FA lobby, it will disable this mechanic.


Layout of the original Hotbuild mod

Hotbuild is a mod which lets you quickly order buildings and units via hotkeys instead of having to click the build menu. It does this by having multiple structures/units bound to the same key, which you press multiple times to cycle through.

  • Hotbuilding keys can be set in-game. Press F1 to open keybinding window and scroll to Hotbuilding section.
  • You need to set the keys up manually. Luckily, the keys are in order on the keyboard - w,e,r,t, ect. so it takes almost no time at all.
  • The Hotkeys are saved to your Game.prefs file, which you can find at:
C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance 
  • AppData is a hidden folder, so make sure your settings for seeing it are enabled.
  • You can also transfer this file to other people to give them the same settings that you have, including templates.

  • Video tutorial on how to set up Hotkeys and UI here.

Gazui.PNG Gaz UI

Gaz's UI, formerly GOOMs UI is a custom user interface developed for FA. It has additional functionality than the stock UI.

  • Enable extra GAZ UI options in game menu; go to Options - Interface.
  • Added options are starting with line "Enable Cycle Preview for Hotbuild"

Compatibility notes

  • AZUI will not work while template names and detailed unit view are enabled.

Options and Hotkeys

The various components of GAZ_UI can be toggled on and off via the ingame menu Options/Interface. Here's a short explanation of each item, which gives an overview of the features of GAZ_UI.

NOTE: There are some options that must be disabled to be compatible with AngryZealot's AZUI mod.

GAZ UI Features
Feature Description Comments
Bigger Strategic Build Icons Replaces the strategic icons in the build menu with larger images. Has 3 settings; Off, Simple (larger icons only) and Full (larger icons with Tech dots).
Template Rotation When placing a structure build template, you can press middle mouse button to rotate the template.
SCU Manager Allows use of the SCU Manager.
Draggable Build Queue You can drag and drop items in a factory's build queue.
Middle Click Avatars You can middle-click the avatar icons on the right side of the screen to select all units in that category.
All Race Templates When creating structure build templates, templates with common structures like Power Generators will be applied to all factions. This means you dont need to create the same template for every faction.
Single Unit Selected Info When you have only a single unit selected, that unit's mouse-over information will be displayed.
Single Unit Selected Rings When you have only a single unit selected, that unit's range rings will be turned on. (effectively, this options activates "Turn range rings on selected units" if you have a single unit selected.)
Zoom Pop Distance This option sets the distance the Zoom Pop hotkey will zoom to.
Seperate Idle Builders When selecting engineers, factories and other builder units, idle units will be collected into a seperate icon in the selection window.
Factory Build Queue Templates Allows creation of Factory Build Queue templates.
  • When a factory is selected, selecting the Templates tab will change the "Infinite Build" button into a "Save Template" button.
  • Alternatively you can use the "Create Build Template (factory)" hotkey. All functionality in the Factory Build Template tab is the same as Structure Build Templates. (you can rename, assign hotkey forbuild mode, etc.)
  • Added by norem
Display Reclaim Window Will display a small window close to the Economy Bar which details the total mass and energy you have reclaimed.
  • When enabled will also display up to 8 digits of energy/mass production as opposed to standard of 6 digits, ie "999999" when your true energy production is "12574899"
  • Disabled by default
  • Added by ghaleon
Display more Unit Stats The unitview window will display hp regeneration rate, shield hp, shield regeneration rate and build rate of selected units.
  • Will now display hp regen rate changes due to upgrades and veterancy.
  • Commander-type units now also get shield hp displayed.
  • If a commander-type unit has gained a level up, hp regen rates in brackets denote total regen rate gained by veterancy, the other value displays regen rate gained by upgrades.
  • This is based upon Eni's Total Veterancy UI mod and also works in conjuction with it.
  • This feature is incompatible with Azui
  • Enabled by default
  • Added by ghaleon
Visible Template Names All template icons will have a small text below them, displaying the template name.
  • This feature is incompatible with Azui
  • Enabled by default
  • Added by ghaleon
Template Name Cutoff By using the slider, you can choose how many characters are omitted from the start of the Visible Template Names.
  • You can use this to put some hidden characters in the name to allow templates to be sorted in the order that you want.
  • Needs restart for effects to be visible.
  • Added by ghaleon
Always Render Custom Names Self explanatory
  • Enabled by default
  • Added by ghaleon
Force Render Enemy Lifebars Self explanatory
  • Disabled by default
  • Added by ghaleon
Auto Rename Replays Auto renames the current Replay once you exit to the Score screen. will work for localized versions of fa, too.
  • Follows following naming scheme; "year"."month"."day"-"hour"."minute" "mapname"
  • Map name will be shortened to 15 characters
  • Other naming schemes may be supported in future revisions.
  • Enabled by default
  • Added by ghaleon
Improved Unit deselection Reduce the number of selected units by shift(-1) or ctrl(-5) or ctrl+shift(-10) right-click in group selection. Enabled by default
  • Added by ghaleon
Smart Economy Indicators Enables advanced ecomony indicators
  • When mass stores above 80% and rising, income indicator begins flashing bright white, if expenses are higher than income and usage efficiency is above 80%, mass income indicator remains green, it's yellow till 50%, and red below that.
  • When energy stores below 20%, energy indicator begins flashing bright white, before that, if below 50% and sinking, it turns red from yellow, and is green above 100%.
  • When zero expense, displays infinite instead of 100%
  • Percentile "efficiency" display goes to more than 100%. it was bad and wrong it was ever capped, because it's an important metric.
  • Percentile values (not absolute values) are filtered, meaning they change smoothly over time. This is expecially good when reclaiming stuff and wondering about your overall efficiency.
  • The old style economy warnings (glowing underlay) now coincide with the new flashing effect.
You can switch between percentage and absolute +/- by clicking on the number in your mass/energy panel.

GAZ_UI also adds some additional hotkeys, which you may find useful: The table is quite large, beware of the expanded version!

GAZ UI Hotkeys
The "internal name" which is used by Game.prefs The name listed in the F1 Menu An explanation of the key.
toggle_repeat_build Toggle factory repeat build Toggles the "Infinite Build" button on factories.
zoom_pop One-key zoom-pop The hotkey for the zoompop feature.
toggle_all Toggle all unit abilities Toggles all toggleable functions on the selected units. This is a handy key since most units only have 1 toggleable function anyways. (eg. shield generators, mass fabricators, etc.) Alternatively there are individual hotkeys in this table.
toggle_shield Toggle unit shield
toggle_weapon Toggle unit weapon
toggle_jamming Toggle unit jamming
toggle_intel Toggle unit intel
toggle_production Toggle unit production
toggle_stealth Toggle unit stealth
toggle_generic Toggle unit generic
toggle_special Toggle unit special
toggle_cloak Toggle unit cloak
toggle_cloakjammingstealth Toggle all counter-intelligence abilities
toggle_intelshield Toggle intel and shield
teleport Teleport
military_overlay Show all weapon ranges Toggles a SupCom-style "military overlay", where weapon ranges of all units are displayed.
intel_overlay Show all intel ranges Toggles a SupCom-style "intel overlay", where intel ranges of all units are displayed.
select_all_idle_eng_onscreen Select idle engineers on screen Selects all idle engineers of all tech levels that are onscreen.
scu_upgrade_marker Place SCU auto-upgrade marker
select_all_similar_units Select all similarly upgraded units These are for the SCU Manager. I think it selects all SCUs that are similarly upgraded.
select_next_land_factory Select next land factory
select_next_air_factory Select next air factory
select_next_naval_factory Select next naval factory Pressing these keys multiple times will go through your factories one by one.
toggle_selectedinfo Toggle single unit selected info Toggles the "single unit selected info" feature. May be useful to get rid of the window temporarily to clear up your view.
toggle_selectedrings Toggle single unit selected rings Toggles the "single unit selected rings" feature.
select_inview_idle_mex Select onscreen idle mass extractors. Select all idle mass extractors in view.
select_all_mex Select all mass extractors. Selects all your mass extractors everywhere.
select_nearest_idle_lt_mex Select nearest onscreen lowest tech idle mass extractor. Select a mass extractor that is In view, Nearest to the cursor, Lowest tech level of all mexes in view, Idle.
acu_select_cg Select ACU (control group)
acu_append_cg Append ACU to selection (control group) Selects the ACU in different sort of way. I'm not sure what it does exactly, I'll find out in the next version of this document.
select_nearest_idle_eng_not_acu Select nearest idle engineer (not ACU) Selects the nearest idle engineer. Different from the other key because it will not select the ACU ever.
add_nearest_idle_engineers_seq Select/Add nearest idle engineers Pressing this key multiple times will add nearby idle engineers to your selection one by one.
cycle_idle_factories Cycle through idle factories Pressing this key multiple times will select idle factories one by one.
cycle_unit_types_in_sel Cycle through unit types in selection (Land, Sea, Air) Filter your current selection to a single class of unit (air, land, sea). It will remember your selection so you can press this key multiple times to cycle through the types.
create_template_factory Create build template (Factory) If a factory with a build queue is selected, it will create a factory queue template from it.
toggle_tab_display Toggle options tab
toggle_mdf_panel Toggle MFD panel
show_enemy_life Show enemy life bars
show_network_stats Show network stats window
select_all_air_exp Select all Air Experimentals added by ghaleon
select_all_air_factories Select all Air Factories added by ghaleon
select_all_antinavy_subs Select all anti-Navy Submarines added by ghaleon
select_all_battleships Select all Battleships added by ghaleon
select_all_land_directfire Select all Land Direct-Fire units added by ghaleon
select_all_land_exp Select all Land Experimentals added by ghaleon
select_all_land_factories Select all Land Factories added by ghaleon
select_all_land_indirectfire Select all Land Indirect-Fire units added by ghaleon
select_all_naval_factories Select all Naval Factories added by ghaleon
select_all_stationdrones Select all Drones added by ghaleon
select_all_t1_engineers Select all T1 Engineers added by ghaleon
select_all_t2_podstations Select all T2 Engineering Podstations added by ghaleon
select_all_tml Select all TML added by ghaleon
select_anti_air_fighters Select all Air Fighters added by ghaleon
select_gunships Select all Gunships added by ghaleon
Render_SelectionSet_Names Toggles display of group names added by ghaleon
Render_Custom_Names Toggles display of custom names added by ghaleon
Render_Unit_Bars Toggle display of names and bars of any kind added by ghaleon
Render_Icons Toggle display of Strategic Icons added by ghaleon
Always_Render_Strategic_Icons Toggle strategic icon cutoff added by ghaleon
Kill_Selected_Units Immediately kill selected units added by ghaleon
Kill_All Immediately kill all of your units added by ghaleon
Show_Bandwidth_Usage Show bandwith usage window added by ghaleon

More Unit Info

This mod has been improved and now it is integrated with FAF game. It shows more information about units when a user hovers over unit icons in factories. This game option is on by default, but can be turned off in the “interface” section of game options.

More Unit Info.png

Sorian icon.jpg Sorian AI

This is an advanced AI which poses much more of a challenge, and in general simply plays better. To use the mod, simply host a game and add AI players, selecting one of the Sorian AI options.

Split Attack

thanks to Blackops team and johnie102

Split attack allows you to easily attack multiple targets. Bound to Shift-G by default.

  • Select some of your units. Make them attack a bunch of enemy units.

Split attack1.jpg

  • Press Shift-G.
  • Each of your unit is now attacking a separate group of enemy units.

Split attack2.jpg

Spread attack move works with move orders as well as other types of orders - experiment to find different uses! The command is very versatile and can give you various advantages:

  • Spread attack with move commands is an effective way to prevent units from moving as a group.
  • You can get units to move faster to their destination especially around rough terrain.
  • Directing utnis through tight spaces or chokepoints is much easier with this feature.
  • This features allows for huge micro advantages in T1 land battles.

Hotkey Labels

default bindings

thanks to Washy for making this mod
Displays bound keys on icons in the build menu and command menu

  • helps a lot with memorizing (custom) keybindings
  • has differend colors for key combinations

Notify.PNG Notify

Notify allies about ACU upgrades in team chat, along with allowing for ACU/SACU upgrades to be queued up alongside regular orders. Mod by Crotalus, CodingSquirrel

Selection Sort

Improved unit sorting in the selection panel. Example here.

UI Mods

UI mods are mods which are activated on a per-person basis and have no effect on other players in the game. As the name implies, they are usually changes and enhancements to the UI and can make playing the game easier. UI mods should never make a game unrated.

If not stated else, these mods can be downloaded directly from Mod Vault.

YouTube-icon-full color.png Comprehensive UI Mod Video Guide

NoShakeIcon.png NoShake

Disable camera shake.

Notifications Mod Icon.png Notifications

Notify the player about various events in the game. It's completely configurable.

Full description of all features in this forum thread.

Suicide.PNG Suicide Confirmation

Asks for confirmation before self destructing units.

Supreme Score Board Icon.png Supreme Score Board

Improves score board and replays by adding more columns, team stats, players sorting, filtering units by type, kill/lose ratio, fixed UI updates lags! Refer to this forum post for more info (HUSSAR)


UI Mass Fab Manager.png UI Mass Fab Manager

Automatically switches Mass Fabricators on/off.

Minimap.PNG Zep's Minimap Zoom

Disables minimap when zoomed out.

ASI Icon.png Advanced Strategic Icons

This mod improves the readability and visibility of the strategic icons, adjusting them to fit higher resolutions while offering changable sizes, color highlighting for key structures and intuitive symbols.

Latest version can be found in the first post of this forum thread.

Ta music icon.png Total Annihilation Music Mod

SC Music icon.png Supreme Commander Music Mod

Sim Mods

Sim mods are mods which affect the game itself and are activated on a per-game basis. They range from simple mods which adjust one or two values to overhauls of the game. Most Sim mods make a game unrated.

RKs Explosions Icon.jpg RK's Explosions

Featured Mods

These mods can be hosted directly from Find Games Tab.